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Monday, April 23, 2007

23 Apr 2007: Bomblettes Quattro - Recap

Since the hostess with the mostess has been on tour out of the COUNTRY...and for her birthday festivities she was in NYC...We haven't had a bomblettes event in a minute. There will be one forthcoming very soon.

This last one was in Feb.

Annie just tickles my heart...we are both Filipino and still crack each other up with imitations of our respective mom's. You know it's funny how Mom's all say the same thing and though it tortured you at the time it's hilarious now.

First there is first plate out. You call it bomblettes...grimey french toast...roasted potatoes and even tortilla's or quesadillas as an option...

Annie says that there's just a certain scent to the way I cook that makes her happy and reminds her of home. Awww. Look at her serious plate eating face!!! Bwaa hahhaha

Tina and LT Laughin...I miss all the action coz I'm on the stove...

I'm tellin' you all this laughin...

I never worry about Phat E...he makes his own.

Oh Crash and Baron...

Oh Crash and Baron it wouldn't be bomblette's without you...

I like how everyone is always comin' in to crack me up too or to check it out...

Many many eggs later - at least 3 dozen...Mattx calls to say that he can't make it coz he's all tired and stuff from moving. The Gya looks at me and I tell her - tell him to come get his shit to go...if he's been movin' all day he needs groceries...2 shakes of a video hoes tail and Mattx shows and kills his bomblette.

Perfect Attendance Award goes to Kzo. have 2 absences. 1 excused

Truant of the Year for no attendance goes to Julian! But how can I be mad when he's with that girl called GRIND.

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