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Saturday, August 16, 2008

16 Aug 2008: Random Change & Kindness...

Random Kindness...

About a month ago Judi contacted me indicating that she wanted to get a birthday cake for her best friend Carinae...and could I make a birthday cake for her and of course she insisted on payment. Of course I declined payment and made the cake which would only be for 2-3 people. Now that's love...2 best friends 1 in the Bay Area and the other in the Southwest but still one determined to do something for the other. How could anyone decline?

Carinae came by the shop and she was warm and cute and happy and it was just like choppin' it up with an old friend...


Random Change 1...

I gave my 2 week notice weeks ago at my previous job for a job which pays much better and has extremely good benefits. I will also be working bankers hours M-F 8-5. Hahahhaa. Truth be told I started a week ago. Even more true is that they wanted me to start 2 weeks ago, but that was not a go because Julian and I had an appearance to make in Vegas.

I worked right up until my departure for Vegas. But that will be in a later blog with our Vegas story.


Random Kindness 2

{observe that just add water shit in the back...that was a recent change only shortly before my resignation...go figure...coz i'm against boxed joints}

So on my last day of work the girls pulled together a little potluck...this tasty cheesy rice...pork loin with gravy...a garden salad with craisins, croutons and almonds, these crazy mashed potatoes, and they brought in a leche flan cake with a chocolate bottom. You know they didn't have to. They didn't have to get the card or the flowers either...but they did. I'm gonna miss the girls but not much else...hahahha.

People have asked me why I went back to IT instead of getting another job in the pastry game. First of all, the valley has no pastry jobs of any meter at all; it is the off season right now and I know far too many unemployed people. Second of all even if I did find a job worth my time the benefits would still take a year to kick in. Thirdly, I find people in the restaurant to have a mismatched ego vs I've seen plenty of "ig'nant" behaviour in my time...but Ig'nant like you really didn't do that did professional courtesy as an end result vs. day to day work tedium shit.

But that's okay...because no matter what you do you can never deny your background and the shit that trails behind you. It's hilarious to see that no matter what face people show you they can never hide the face underneath. I love to see people struggle and struggle and struggle...


Random Change 2

About a month girl Gya sends me a text message so that I'm one of the first to know that she is about to bail for Brooklyn. Yes ladies and gentleman...I was sad then happy then excited then sad again at the news. But the positioning of a fabulous job, a plethora of opportunities and the fact that she loves the city - well it's a go. Fortunately for me she has a ton of family here and will always be home to visit. Even more fortunate for me is the fact that we will have Brooklyn Bomblettes Soon.

I'mma miss our l'il tetra pack!

i'll be spinderella okay?

I love you G-Girl! And I hope to see you soon!

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