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Sunday, August 24, 2008

24 Aug 2008: Stuff to do at Ikea with your Chef Buddies...

So when your chef BFF Kae blows in from out of town...and your other chef BFF is available...

Have some Gelato together

note: I dunno why my skin is glowing like that...all i use is cetaphil and philosophy moisturizer for all skin types??? After I saw these pics I told Julian it looks like someone rubbed all kinds of crisco over my face!

Get some errands out of the way and then hump over to Ikea for some meatballs and olalliberry iced tea and later some dark swedish style coffee...

Try on some toilets and see if the seat fits.

Let the baby take your picture for posterity

Jock the children's bathing attire and try it on for size...while newly found golf towels for Julian...

Bwaa hahahhaha - I walked up to BFF Kae and said Mommy mommy can I have this please!!! She started laughin' her ass off. This man was standing to the side and looked bored waiting for his wife and he started to laugh his ass off and said,"that looks great on you..." I'm still crackin up that I put on a hooded bathrobe for a toddler...Bwa hahahahha

Have a nice day!

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