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Sunday, August 24, 2008

24 Aug 2008: Medication...not for YOU!! Haha.

Medication...not for YOU!

Well I started my new job a couple weeks ago doin this IT type thing...definitely not as hard as what i used to do and definitely acceptable in terms of stress, environment and co-workers...Well, I also work with my sister. So I told her before I started that we were not going to eat out everyday coz that is a bad habit. So my first day we went out for pizza and salad at a local joint downtown. The second day I brought garden salad with roasted chicken and all this stuff...well...

I guess my sister has had her lunch STOLEN out of the lunchroom fridge - there are 2 refrigerators. So I bring the lunch in a brown bag and my crazy sister writes on the bag and puts it in the fridge!

It went like this...

And there is our playcousin laughin with us over the bag...

Bwaa hahahhaa.

Day 2 she wrote: Stool Samples - must be refrigerated.

Day 3 she wrote: Dog Anal Glands - for analysis.

Bwaa hahahah

The next few days after that I just brought a plastic bag from Paris Vegas and stapled it up. The funny thing is...this is nowhere near a ghetto place to is full of people who can damn well buy their own lunch as well as mine. It's just hilarious that people steal lunches --- who steals lunch? First of all, I'm just not stealing shit. Second of all, eating a strangers food is like playing food poisoning/hepatits/cooties roulette: which means - I don't eat other people's food who I don't know - coz generally people are nasty - they don't wash their hands - they scratch all kinds of body parts - keep dirty kitchens and then cook in that filth - HELL NO.

Needless to the last 8x I've brought lunch, they haven't been stolen.


Addendum. I pack our lunches and Julian's lunches is funny how people say wow fantastic...what a gourmet lunch. People at Julians work always ask - did you eat your gourmet lunch yet? wow can i have some? dang you always eat so healthy! and so forth and so on...Hahahahha.

I'll say it now and I say it all the time - eating food made from your own hands while sitting at a table with friends is a dying civilized behaviour. I am glad I can afford the luxury of sitting with family for lunch and a loved one for dinner.


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