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Sunday, August 17, 2008

17 Aug 2008: My Second Vegas Wedding...

Julian's cousin James has been living in Las Vegas and married Dolores. We were invited. It was a bit stressful the entire week before because we pretty much worked straight through...We were departing on the 8th and Gya was off to NYC on the 11th. Wendy, Gya and I coordinated a small impromptu bomblettes the night before my departure...However, there was a sudden rain and lightning and it knocked out my quadrant. So basically no electricity from 830pm until 230am. Bwaa hahhaa

I sent the girls a text message and told them I was kickin' it by candlelight. They said ohhhh - we'll come kick it with you. So they came and sat with me by candlelight...I was hot - and frustrated and exhausted...and somehow managed to get the packing of our clothes started...

We sat over gelato and laughed and chopped it up and stuff...We must have been talkin' over an hour and then we heard Julian give a nice roaring snore. The girls said, "ohhhh Kibbs is here?" I laughed and said he's BEEN here - carry on, he can't hear us - listen to him in there!" Oh my girls were all dolled up to go to the Blunt Club even with the Hawaiian bread in tow for the cancelled bomblettes...Julian says,"Why don't you go out with your girls?" Me."because we have to be up at 4am and catch a 6am flight to Vegas..." Hahahhaa.

I woke Julian up so he could say goodbye to Gya! Because the night before he said - I'm sad. I asked Why? He said because your girl is moving away and your peoples are cool! I laughed and said don't worry we'll visit her many many times before she comes to kick it for the wedding!

As always...the 3 I love.


So we woke up ridiculously early. Got ready and Jereme took us to the airport. We caught the flight just fine and had a snack in the airport at the bud lounge and just waited for City Momma to arrive...

City Momma is so cute...the first thing she said was Awwwww you two look wonderful!!! I pointed out how much weight and mass Julian is getting and she stopped to take a really good look at him and said oh you HAVE put on some weight...and she turned to me and said,"Thank you Saucy for taking such good care of my Baby!!!" Awwww.

We picked up the rental and then checked in switched rooms and then ran over to see Uncle RC and Auntie Eiko. Well...while we switched rooms these 2 guys were like oh are you ladies checkin' out - we're just checkin' in. We laughed and Momma said something funny like yup we're outta here. So the dude grabs my arm and is tryin' to holla. I laughed and said in my little girl voice,"Momma the man is touching my wrist..." He dropped my wrist like a hot potato as Momma turned around. Bwaa hahahhha. His friend looked at him and said,"Wuuuut PLAYA" Bwaa hahahhaha. Then City Momma and I grabbed a sandwich at the cafe downstairs. Meanwhile Julian played some poker downstairs at Mandalay Bay. I have to admit...I love hangin' out with family in Vegas more than I like the gamblin' or the drinkin' or any of that. Before we knew it - it was time to coordinate ourselves for the wedding...James and Dolores were going to get married at around 8-ish.

Of course we were on time coz City Momma was on time...Uncle RC and Auntie Eiko were on time...and the Auntie who should have been on time was not on time was not. So...we killed the time taking pics...City Momma has more pics and I will attach those accordingly once I receive them.

Here are some of the pics:

Uncle RC and Auntie Eiko with Julian...

I love the pic below because almost everyone is smiling!

Here is a cropped version of one of my favourite pics...that is Julian's cousin Kevin and his son Little Kevin. Little Kevin is so cute...he asked me,"When are you and Uncle Julian getting married..." I laughed and laughed and said,"Well Hunny it's not a woman's job to ask..." He smiled and walked over to Julian and said,"When are you and Saucy getting married..." Bwaa hahahahhha.

Kevin' and Kibby

Me with the Men...

City Momma with the Men


I love to see Julians face looking a little more full...I told him you are Papasan status now with that chubb to your jowl!!! hahahha.

I will post pics from the reception later.


We spent the next day just doin' some general sightseeing...because City Momma had never been to Las Vegas before...

We let Julian drive as much as possible.

You know we kick it with Buddha for blessings and luck...and to remember that even though we are all born suffering there is humor in all that happens...

Metal Bonsai...what a fabulous idea...I'm going to make sure to have a wood one made for our vacation house!

Don't jock my Bruce Lee Stunna Shades

Everyone talked so much hot shit about how the chocolate fountain at Bellagio was the bomb and this shit and that shit...BLEH - it was AIIGHT. I was not impressed - nor was I impressed by the flavor of their There.

My chocolate is far more stunning than Bellagio's chocolate:

So then we were just in time for the water show...and Momma has got it on video!!! We have funny video of each other learning to use video...

So...we decided to walk back to the Mandalay Bay after being on the Bellagio side...and Julian sees this statue and says,"...PICTURE TIME..." Bwaa hahahha. He jumped up on that platform thing and started feelin' the thing up right by the sidewalk escalator...I busted out my camera and laughingly told him,'go ahead and feel her up coz those are the ONLY white titties your ass will be feeling on...believe THAT!" This older white man started CRACKINNNN UP! Actually sometimes I crack MYSELF up.

So then we went back to the take a nap because we had passes to the bank Club in the Bellagio. Julian wanted to go out to the Hooters Hotel (w/c he later reported as lame)...then we met in the lobby for a drink while some people karaoke'd. City Momma was knocked out for the count and I didn't have the heart to wake her up. We were sittin' around choppin' it up with some locals and not so local friendly folks...

Funny...once we put our heads down - it was lights out.

Next thing I knew it was morning...Momma and I went to catch a breakfast buffet and chop it up before I flights later in the afternoon...It was great to sit down and have breakfast...the omelette cook was mortified when he accidentally splattered momma with a little egg and oil...but it was okay. I love love love love breakfast...Then we went up and Julian had some croissant with cream cheese and fruit while we packed up.

Sooner than soon it was time to go...Everyone was pretty exhausted from the reception and the walkin' around and the cocktails here and there in the sun...

We said our goodbyes at the airport...and I'm sure it will be a short amount of time before we see City Momma again!

ps) I caught the bouquet...that is --- I caught it after he asked the bride to precision pass it specifically to me and all the bridesmaids blocked any takers.

Bwaa hahahha. and right as I caught it everyone turned to look at Julian and he had a big ole smile on his face. Uncle RC said,"I really don't like comin' out to the dessert but we WILL come to Arizona when the two of you get married..." Julian laughed and laughed and smiled and put a wedding bell on his suit button...Auntie Eiko laughed and whispered a prayer into it and hung it on his ear! Hahahahhahha.

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