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Friday, October 10, 2008

10 Oct 2008: Flood Foo!

Corporate High Waters

I tell you what. Fellas. when you get dress pants make sure they fall to the back of your heel and not above your heel. Why do so many men where nasty old highwater pants? I tell you what it's really sad to see a goodlooking man with his pockets bunched up like Urkel and his pants all high like he's gonna walk in some water.

First of all Guys. try on your pants, if they are short that doesn't work. Julian and I select his pants long and then take them to be altered by a seamstress (We love you L)...when we show up it's with a pair of dress shoes and he tries them on and adjusts them to touch about a quarter inch above the back heel with the front resting on top of his foot. Don't even try to think you can tug and tug (it won't work). Don't think that anyone notices (they do). Don't think no one questions the taste of your wife - (they do)

Quit Playin' you know that ain't right!

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