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Friday, October 10, 2008

10 Oct 2008: Hoe Goggles

Hoe Goggles:

Sometimes I'm forced to be in a social environment in which I have to talk, associate or work professionally with various women (and men). It really turns my stomach to have to sit there and keep my straight ass face and try to have a conversation. Because no matter how many times I try to blink, my invisible hoe goggles cannot be shed.

Look, I try to get beyond myself and say inside,"have tolerance and patience for the struggle of others" and then that gangsterism kicks in on the other side of my head and it's like,"shuttup, you know hoes ain't strugglin' except to pull the boxspring out their back." Bwaaa hahhaha.

But seriously.

Grinders such as myself with a high tolerance for pain, a 60 hour per week grind and incidental obligations. Sittin there with that fake look of innocence on your face. Bleahphwoaaaaaphtphtpht (that's my dry spitting clearing the dirty taste out of my mouth sound effect)

But even more horrible, is the prideful hoe. The one that thinks she's soooo HOT. and she's really soooo NOT. Bwaa hahaha. My godbrother said,"I can't stand that HOE..." I asked why. and he said, "Coz she's got a pushed in face and acts like she can get anyone she wants" I said she acts like that coz she can't get anything...not even at the checkout line kid.

I mean really. I try...but I just can't get over that disgust. No matter what I do I cannot "UNSEE" the fault and stank of a garden tool. Putrescence.
It's the goggles man, the goggles.

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