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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

14 Oct 2008: Family Dinner...last Saturday

Last Saturday I was visiting my manager at the hospital because he had some pancreatic issues. I'm happy to report he's doing well and up and about. All I gotta say is if I drive all the way to Surprise to visit from Tempe. That's love.

So as I'm leaving the hospital I get a call from Mr. Man indicating that he would like to invite a few people to dinner in addition to the famous Wendy Lee. I said sure no problem, what would you like? He said Asian. So I stopped at my favourite Asian joint and picked up the groceries, prawns, lumpia wrappers, a few liters of sake and bottles of soju...Then I went home and threw down and in an hour and a half i had 5 dishes and steamed rice. Voila!

The best part is...sitting together saying grace and laughing over food...then Wendy coming later on and getting her plate and chat and catch up on. The cool part is...I can still cook all this food in 90 minutes flat without any help and the kitchen stays pristine.



Sidenote: I will be throwing down for Worm's party/benefit. Look out for that kids.

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