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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

05 Nov 2008: Mr. Presidizzle...

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Yeah we vote...and i've always voted. Regardless of whether i like or dislike the candidates...because my right to vote was fought for in 2 parts - on behalf of women and behalf of non white voters. So even if i pencil in Donald Duck as a write in vote - i go do it.

However, Julian and I registered early in the year and went to vote yesterday. My work and his work were nice enough to have us leave 2 1/2 hours early to vote...paid of course.

City Momma and Country Momma have both told us,"Vote Kids."

We did Momma's, we did.


I've never seen so many optimistic young faces in line and walking about, and I've never seen so many defeated conservative faces. At the polls, I like the smug smile of youth. I could see an optimistic strut as they went to vote. I had an early ballot so i dropped it off sealed. Each day I drive through downtown going home from work I passed the Obama Biden headquarters...not since rock the vote have i seen the hopeful faces of all colours, all races, all ages. It was an optimistic sight.


That's Ugly...

Hella broke republicans at my job bickering to the point of cubicles being shifted. And when I say broke, I mean broke...grown men who have served the country and willingly served, only to say to his friend yesterday,"I have a little over 3 bucks in my checking until next payday" We just got paid kid? Broke conservatives hanging onto this life by a thread and still prideful and mindful of some jacked up loyalty to a party that only wants to rob you.

Hella salty married couples at the polls. This lady walks up with her husband and says in front of strangers,"just vote damn you, walk in and check the ballot" The man was trying to be calm and asked,"do you remember the judges i didn't like" She says nastily,"i told you to read the booklets you @$$%^&" I was mortified.

Hella uneducated, hella poor, hella conservative under 30 republicans tryin to perpetrate like he makes investments and then recently overheard in between election arguments: i'm gonna get on ACCESS (welfare) under my wife's name coz we can't afford this new baby we're having.



All i know, is Julians sons will be born in an era of pride, education and culture. We have now, we will have more and we will provide more. We are.

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