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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

25 Nov 2008: Pre Holiday Postal

So yesterday I come in a little before 6am and the base to my earpiece is missing for my phone. I walk around and ask if anyone has seen it and the night ladies are like no - we rarely go to that side of the room, ask the day side. I say okay thanks. So I find it and it's on some dude's desk who sits diagonally behind me.

I take my base (which is clearly marked with a green polka dot) and plug in because I"m anal about timeliness. A call comes in and falls off and I realize the cord connecting my earpiece to the base is missing. So I turn around and look and SAID dude is in his desk. I walk over there and say hey i need the cord connecting my earpiece to my base. He's like What. I said you borrowed my phone base...I don't care if you do, but just leave me a note as a common courtesy. He's like What. This fool is still playin stupid and 10 minutes late in the game. I said very slowly...the cord which connects the earpiece to the base so I can plug into my phone. He's like What? So I walk back to my cube and yank the said pieces out and put them on his desk I said this (base) connects to this (earpiece) with a cord. Where is my cord? He said Oh.. Right here.

I take it and say Thanks. And start hooking it up to my phone. First of all I was irritated that I had to repeat myself and also a grown ass man borrows something without so much as a note or email...

Well this fool comes up behind me in my cube and he's like,"look I would appreciate it if you weren't so AGGRESSIVE" I'm like,"excuse me"

Mind you this fool looks like Sam Kinison but like 20 lbs lighter. And his 5foot ass also contains all that anger. Whatever.

So he continues on some babble like,"you have no idea how busy it was yesterday and yada yada yada. I'm like,"that's fine, but I would still like a note if you must borrow anything from my cube, and yeah, i needed that cord to connect my earpiece to my base" He's like,"you don't need to talk like that to me, I would like a little common courtesy," Me (with a snicker),"you expect common courtesy from me and you borrowed my things without asking?" He's like,"yes..." I put my left hand to his face and said,"I'm not discussing this anymore, go somewhere with that." And turned my back on him.

This fool said uh uh uh and huffed and puffed and said,"FUCK YOU THEN, I'm out of here." I gave him a hello kitty wave and said,"Have a nice day."


Bwaa hahahhaha


My boss came in an our later and I'm like Hey you missed it and updated him and he says,"Where's his badge,I'm gonna help him find a new job if he wants to act like that." Dayuuuuuuuuum.

I know the little angry one isn't here today.

I wasn't trying to get him canned bein as it's almost Christmas and stuff...But you know it is what it is Biiiiiiiitches!

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