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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

19 Nov 2008: Na-Cho Birthday...

It's Naw-Cho (not your) birthday!

Naw-Cho Bar means we make all the fixins' keep the funky 7-11 style cheese in a crock pot and you build your own plate!


My sister and I now work together and I asked her if she wanted to do a food thingie for her birthday. She said sure what? I said nacho bar? She's like yeah...So I made the main part and the dept bought the other part. I made 12 lbs of ground beef "taco" meat...8 lbs of garlic oregano chicken...and a VAT of cilantro herb spanish rice. LOL. I also managed to make a dozen brownies and 2 dozen chocolate cupcakes...



This is the stages to cupcakes and brownies!


Devils Food Cakelettes

Stage 1 Frosting

Frosting Stage 2

Frosting Final Stage

Happy Birthday Keyla...Let me tell you everyone is really cool at work (except for a couple freakazoids lol) But they were very happy for Keyla and the setup...

Other people from other departments came to see our little setup and eat and well wish and hang out

Apple got in trouble coz she didn't get any good pictures. no food porn and everyones in motion. You're fired!

And after everyone ate - I finally made myself some nachos!

I have to admit I was a little tired, but everyone was so happy for Keyla's birthday and nachos and appreciative and genuinely celebratory. I would do it again anytime. I think cookie bar is gonna be my next venture with a chocolate fondue pot. LOL. It's worth it when people are excited and festive.

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