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Friday, September 9, 2005

09 Sept 2005: Microwave update

...just a random entry to defrost my head...

Weird Event of the Day

It was a little before 6pm and I'd just dropped off the gelato I promised to Samurai Comics (hey Mohrya {sp} u rock)...and I knew all the highways were rush hour clogged --- so I took 7th to McDowell and then I was gonna cut over to Washington to get to Tempe and see n....It was a slow but steady pace and about 3 ft in front of the car this tinted piece of ghetto truck just rolls out onto the street, totally cutting me and the car to my left off. All the cars behind me are honking, the car next to me is honking and I'm waiting to honk since people are license to carry loaded here and my swift kick isn't as fast as a bullet. So this is a big truck - some kind of ford thing....and it wasn't so much old as it was ghetto, the owner of the VEHICLE comes out the store and is looking at his car in the middle of the road. WHAT THE i guess his parking brake didn't work. After I surgically removed my hand from the horn, I was really grateful that I wasn't going even 3 miles faster an hour or I would have got hit from the right side by that truck.

Pervasive Thought of the Day

The car I just ordered. The mini cooper S convertible. Yes folks I'm still driving stick, and I probably won't stop. I wasn't in any particular hurry to get a car, I mean shit who wants a car payment. But I put the holding deposit to request all the little special things. I guess getting a cooper isn't like gettin' other cars. You go to the dealership, you test drive look, then there is a waiting list to request one, unless you buy what's on the floor which is usually all of 2 or 3 cars - coz the other 4 on the lot are demos. The difference in price is only 2K so I requested a 2006 Metallic Baby Blue, Dark Blue leather seats with orange stitches and Dark Blue upholstery - I kept the chrome touches and steel patina and upgraded a lot of stuff. Why? Coz I can. Why? Coz I work hard and maybe I wanna smoke a blunt with the wind in my hair. Why? Coz it's cute and you can only get the disco orange OR cool blue in an "S" convertible. The bad news is...the earliest I get the car is December ad the latest is March (so either Christmas or my birthday) but worth the wait since they are only selling like 400 coops a year in phoenix. The good news is everytime I see a convertible I get so tickled. I get this little grin. But then I get over it in about 7 seconds.


I'm working a lot and I'm not working a lot. I want to start some new projects like truffles and chocolates, however there is no budget. Apparently our food costs are off the hook or something, yet somehow T----- got a raise. We'll see. I'm keeping my options open. There's a lot of spots available for pastry chefs and I'm not putting all my pate a choux en une basket...yanno.

in General...

I'm perved swerved but never unnerved. I don't like most people, I do't like most situations and even stilettos don't bring me the faintest enjoyment...I'm trying to maintain a zen attitude about shit and be in nothingness and just face the work at hand. I'm trying to be really enlightened about the foibles that are blatantly thrown towards me. I feel nothing but disdain at shoddy behaviour. This pretty much sums it up: If you insist on saying and acting as if my shit smells, ensure that you've washed and wiped your ass very WELL.


I have a 2 year project I'm obsessed with. To be annnounced later. I have like 3 paintings I want to do. I need to just get a corner saw and make my own shit. I hate buying canvasses.

Tete a Tete a Tete a Mardi's

Kill Grill is fun. I'm glad this came to fruition. I'm surprised how much everyone loved the korean ribs I brought, and everyone killed the spicy cucumber and sticky rice I brought as well. Did I mention the chicken Wings got murq-ed as well...So after talking food and food and food. Phat E and I decided next week is Nacho Grill. We'll Grill the tomatoes, jalapenos etcera and throw Salsa. I will also rock a marinade on some skirt steak and E will leave a crock pot full of queso...and on and on and on...Everyone is jazzed. I love everyone at these Tuesday gigs, everyone is genuinely friendly and genuinely interesting.

end note.

i still need a vacation and i still don't have the time to take it.

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