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Saturday, September 17, 2005

17 Sept 2005: Triple Bar


I'll stab you in the eye with this ballpen ya fuckers...just playin! My sister talked me into going to the casino with her and mom and lola (that's grandmother for you non filipino peepoL) as well as her friend penny. Let me start off by sayin' I don't like gambling - I've never liked it, and even if I had a bajillion dollars I don't like the idea of gambling it away when I would rather spend it at the book store or art store. However, lola really digs it and as she is 83 my ass isn't going to say shit, I'm going to just walk along and make sure she doesn't mow anyone over with her walker. So Lola i playing back and forth on the dollar machines and then back and forth on the quarter machines and i'm just meandering around...Well mom storlls up and says hey try this one - you're really lucky, just use this 20 (coz she knows I refuse to use my own money) the 20 is going back and forth from 50 bucks and down to 3 bucks...and then bam - it gives up 360 bucks...hahahaha. Imagine that. I told mom here's 180 bucks - you get a pimps take sine you gave me the play money. Funny shit. I played the 16 bucks left in the machine and then bailed. At the valet I said do you boys have my pinto ready (laughing my ass off)..and this pretty buttery white boy says, c'mon now - you are too foine for a pinto honey...bwaa hahaha

...doggie update...

max is doing well and is losing his puppy teeth. He's gained 10 lbs and is now about 15 weeks. He also can catch the frisbee from about 2 feet away. he's sitting, rolling over, playing dead, shaking hands, and fetching on command. He's rather spoiled and prefers the bed to the kennel, but who in their right mind, canine or not, wouldn't.

...chef forums...

someone posted a barbecue question and i answered how I would handle it. And a lot of those chef boys tried to dismiss what I had to say. I'm not going to start a forum war and shit - that's a waste of my time. But i will say this, i don't like all that cheffing machismo and flexing. This is exactly why I went into patisserie...I don't like all this huffing and puffing and everyone acting like they know all of gods cookery between here and buddhas heaven. I only offered up my technique - I didn't offer it up to be dismissed by boychefs - some of whom are still in school. So many boy chefs have a gross imbalance of their talent reality and their perceived talents. Everyone thinks they are gonna be the next fucking hot network chef shit. I am going to write a cookbook, but to preserve the plates we ate not for glory. Fuckin' Pablo Picasso did an homage to his upbringing not to glorify his cooking abilities. He cooked for the joy and beauty of it. I just shake my head at all that crap --- it's a waste of time and a total lack of enlightenment. Funny thing is - I cook constantly...and there are more than a handful of people on my friends list who will co sign this for me, I cook for the joy of it. It's not a show for me. And everything I table is emptied. Ditto for my pastries. Ditto for my chocolates. When people ask me for cooking lessons or recipes - I share everything I've got. But, I keep on and keep learning and keep altering...because there is always room for that, coz the humble improve.

All i know is the architect came in regarding the second location we're opening in a few months. And asked me - what do you want in your work area...I'm to have a temperature controlled room with the tables at the height and specs I want and the equipment I want is being brought in. That's why I stay where I'm at - it's creative freedom and no questions for what I need. Lucky them i'm respectful of the budget...and I don't abuse such privileges.

holy shit it's late. and i have to be at work in 6 hours. Yuck.

Night night.

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