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Thursday, September 22, 2005

22 Sept 2005: Custom Cake Blitz

I have no idea what is in the air lately...

I have being doing one custom cake after another and also keeping the case full and dealing with the garde mange...I've been pretty hazy about posting the stuff I've been making but today I decided to start documenting again. Considering the time pressure and the size of my work area and the constant distractions I'm holding up pretty well...


This is the chloe birthday lucky is a 4 year old to get a bubble gum gelato cake as her heart desires - however I did convince her to put a smattering of strawberry in there for berry bubblegum flavor...It's so cute and rather pricey. Then again - I remember my birthdays as a child and I was allowed to pick whatever the hell cake I wanted decor and all... Everyone was crushing on this's just a clear glaze on top with a random swirl of strawberry sauce. I'm sure she'll love it.

Peanut butter vs. Bacio

This lady came on sayin' that she was going to have a dinner for such and I let her sample a few things and she chose the bacio (gianduja chocolate) and peanut butter...I like how it came out I would really have loved to go bonkers with the height - but since it has to weather transport and has to fit the weirdo octogonal foam containers - I have to keep everything about 2 inches high. Bummer but necessary. I tried to redeem it with the gianduja drizzled over the top.

i will have more photos tomorrow - i only finished the tops of these 2. I have some mango things going tomorrow but i have the mango ribbons freezing overnight. I try to make everything edible that I throw on the cakes. This girl Kristen has ordered like 6-7 cakes over the last week, then she called this morning and ordered 3 for tomorrow. She must be just rollin' in paper to randomly order cakes...I must say I like her subtle charm and her somewhat petulant nature.

I was suffering all day because of the little needles that flew off the prickly pear - i kept finding them in my hands and apron and where my inner arm meets my shirt. It's such torture. The flavour of it faintly reminds me of chayote. That colour is so beautiful - I call it nina haagen fuschia. The cost is ridiculous on prickly pear - I mean really. Just ridiculous...I'll take a photo of it with my lame ass camera phone.

I should really just break down and buy a digi cam. Fuckkit I'll put it on my christmas list. Chef clogs, digi cam, flash drive, mac lipliner, blank canvas and an electric saw. hahaha. What a list. Oh and accesories for my up and coming mini cooper that I ordered. haha.

I'll be gone in november...

I have so much on my plate for november. Epademiks wedding - that's priority one. It will be fabuloso to see the lovebirds get married. I will also be making the heart shaped caramel apples and ribbons for the tabling. Secondly I have Esthers Baby shower cake It will be a 3 cube cake resembling building blocks and marzipan toys and roses. Third - Hyders Birthday Cake - I can't say what i'm making, coz it's gonna be a surprise and he might read it then it won't be one huh...Fourth - The Don Ed Hardy Store grand opening...I have a cake to do for them. I've got my heart set on a koi...But since i'm not going to be around - I think I'll build it in 3 pieces and koi piece out of tempered chocolate then layered with molding chocolate so it can weather a really active party. If I had the time, I'd do it out of sugar - but november is gonna be bonkers...

I miss making sugar pieces like I used to...

I can't wait for the bigger space...I just can't wait.

Did I mention I made a GINORMOUS lasagna for everyone. Personally I am happy with a nong shim noodle bowl - add hot peppers. But I think it's important to bring home made food so we can feel our humanity. It's been really weird at work - and I'm not the object of anyone's heated mouth. Strange - but I hate to see anyone suffer such scrutiny when it is hypocritical criticism. Oh well, the best I can do is discourage negativity by squashing it when it gets to me and to feed them as if I love them all. I must say all the hugs and praise I receive are genuine, so I'm a bit lucky afterall.

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