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Friday, September 30, 2005

30 Sept 2005: Inane Hilarity


If i have to listen to one more set of people spewing off as if they were so so clever when all they are echoing is regurgitated garbage...I will dice them like a kung fu movie. If I have to see any glimmer of self grandiosity because they have perceived money --- i'm going to kick them in their cock garage. If i MUST witness anyone biting and biting and biting -- i'm going to pull their teeth out and make a necklace of it. If I have to see anymore perversions of beauty and aesthetics - I will simply vomit oil paint and turpentine - because I was classically trained you dumb motherfuckers.

I chef out of choice - not out of necessity... this putrid life, there are few joys, and there are even lesser truths - the truth is this. The world owes you NOTHING - absolutely mothernotafuckinthing nothing. So take ur self entitlement - and shove it in your feral crotches. Take your mannerless self and the mannerless spew that popped out of your wombs and get out of my sight. And what you perceive as taste - is only in your mouth. What you perceive as couth - is actually unclean...and if you think your net worth is your self worth, consider this: YOU ARE FINANCED WITHIN AN INCH OF YOUR LIFE...think of it as 2 paychecks away from a monkly existence...perhaps when faced with a void, you will re examine what you swallowed so easily as your absolute truth

This is my end note...

With each day that passes, I find people more and more disenchanting. It is a constant battle for me to encourage daily, not only by being a living example but with positive truths. I have to balance my creative expressions as well as my managerial flexing. I can say, that I do none of that at the expense of others. I sleep well each night - because I do not victimize. I do not further the careers and emotions of others in hopes that they become reliant or indebted to me in any manner. I do not blame my shortcomings on the actions of others - I just reach a little further - even if it means physical exhaustion, or a late night considering different approaches.

Stirs of Saucerina

Some motherfuckas...didn't know shit about shit - until they got a glimpse. But keep this in mind - the glimpse was not made possible by you. I love to see people who perceive themselves as tasteful and erudite, when in truth they can't even prove that to themselves, they can't even stand the very stench of their own bullshit - and often have ONE dirty habit that is so dirty it is universally appalling. Keep playin' and I'll pop the trunk. I used to know someone like that, his mouth said dolce gabbana...but assemblages often equalled dolce goodwill. Bwaa hahahha. Very few people have innate taste. Most Tastes are just borrowed, more often than not - they are stolen out of envy or coveting...ahahha. Perhaps I should get rabies shots - since i'm being bitten all the time...I'm no fucking style maven - but at least I am myself. I am always myself.

Volume does not equivocate Brilliance...

Just because someone says shit enthusiastically and in a robust loud and maybe even with a tinge of faux enthusiasm - doesn't make the thought original, or right, or even remotely interesting. It just means that you are lying to yourself and trying to sell some bullshit.

Low Carb Liberals...

I don't want to hear anymore crap spewing out of little fuckheads in kompressors and infinities acting as if they give a rats ass about anyone in need of education, equality or even enlightenment. You can't possibly be a liberal if you are anti poor, anti gay, anti fashionista, anti women, anti whatever based on the physicalities, anti scene, anti free expression. If you are non open to anything born of free thought u are NOT a liberal. DNA stands for DO NOT ANNOY saucy. Stop being fashionably liberal - you wouldn't know liberal if it queefed on ur face.

The Dull Eyes of the Senseless...

I like this blank zombie like look that certain people get. I couldn't quite figure it out --- it was feigned interest in their surroundings. Bwaa hahahhaa. I was so tickled by the realization that I had to go into the big freezer so I could let out a roaring laugh. I've never had to pretend to be interested in shit. Because I never did care for the approval of others.

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