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Saturday, November 5, 2005

05 Nov 05: It evades me

sleep evades me...the last two nights i've gotten a total of maybe 7 hours sleep. Combine that with 8-9 hours per day on my feet in chef clogs then ending the night with another 5-7 hours in stiletto boots. The nights before that I got 5 hours of sleep a night max. I know I'm such a trooper for holding it down. but today - i'm pooped. Just plain old exhausted. I think for a change I might actually sleep hard. At least I hope so.

Tonight I worked all day in a haze since I stayed out last night til about 2am or so. I'm glad I went though coz nuSun and Keyla had fun and I think they both needed those drinks. After work I had committed to going to a baby shower for one of the girls at the shop. our GM L------ is so cool about this shit. Obviously I haven't had time to make anything since I've been running around with my head cut off and the sky is falling and all that shit. So I bought a premade cake and finished it. I actually ended up buying 2. The bakery hoe was like that's all we have, I said you can't just ice a cake in plain white because I have marzipan pieces and chocolate of my own. She said no - we're behind schedule. I said I don't give a shit about your schedule - as a customer what i'm asking you is if you can squeeze in a plain cake and charge me full price. That hoe said noooo. So I worked with the two and then built a tower of diapers with bows and Rocky brought in a stuffed puppy and stuffed pony for the top of it. It was a little faux cake built up entirely of diapers. It looked fabulous on the table with the food and cake surrounding it. I had originally told the GM I'll clock out and make up the chocolate time on Tuesday - coz I don't wanna lag on projects I should have done at home. She said why - just stay on the clock, but you can't spend 5 hours on marzipan. bwaa hahahah. That was really cool of her. She didn't have to do that.

Esther was rather gracious about everything and we genuinely love her. Frankly, she is one of the most beautiful preggo women I've ever seen. She was just genuinely happy to have all her friends and family around her - and I love seeing happy people. Her twin is just fucking hilarious - and I love to watch the two of them bicker - it's so entertaining...

I started thinking about it - There were over 25 women in that room - with random boyfriends and fiancees having beers in the garage. I don't even know 25 women in Arizona that I would invite to any kind of kitschy event like that. All my cousins are far away. My best friends are in Calie...bwaa hahaha - I guess it's good I don't do kitschy huh. LMFAO.

Pics will be posted later after L------ gives mee a copy tomorrow.

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