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Thursday, November 10, 2005

09 Nov 2005: WTF part III

why did i go into the cabinet and my sugar free peanutbutter is missing...why? nobody here watches their sugar intake but me

don't eat my josephs sugar free crunchy peanut butter. damnnit WTF!!!

Why are my ecko hipster sweats missing...WTF!!!

Who took my little white BEBE hoodie!!! WTF WTF WTF!!!

Why is the doggie a toesucka now!!! WTF.

I still need a haircut...i look like Saucy Kutcher!!! WTF.

Can't Sleep WTF

Can't Eat WTF

Ran out of Titanium White oil paint WTF

Nobody loves me, W.T.F.

I hurt everyone around me. Hella WTF!!!

My brother got diagnosed yesterday with thallasemia...some genetic blood disease tht runs in asian folks. So we made him a yummy homie meal of jalapeno bbq meatloaf, mashed potatoes and some sauteed greens and brocolli with roasted garlic. He's at the gym as we speak. Weird - he's like the healthiest most buffed person I know - now we all have to get tested. I'm sad for all of us...WTF!!

Again, where is my peanutbutter!!! wtf...

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