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Thursday, November 10, 2005

10 Nov 2005: not so unbelievable

it figures

the man i thought was a titan

turned out to be an emotional midget...


he was nice enough to get aggressive with me after my mouth got poked and prodded at the dentist - on a complete lack of sleep because i was in pain all night and on an empty stomach. THEN he calls ME hella fake. that's it, that's done. it's dead. it was just a pipe dream. i'm glad i followed my initial instincts - that he was too good to be true...

nonetheless - it's still over with n....but now it's over for all men - i'm fed up as hell. How dare he fucking talk to me like that. how dare Joseph talk to me like that like he has my back and all that shit - and then in the same treacherous breath turn around and reprimand me for having feelings. What a sanctimonious prick...

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