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Tuesday, November 8, 2005

08 Nov 2005: i could...

I could fall in love with you

but you would just consume me

I could drown in ur eyes

but you would sever my every limb

I could write until Buddha stopped me

but you would say why did you stop at all

I could look you in that face i've known since before times

but you are determined to break me

I could smolder in your presence

but what could come of that - just death

I could die in front of you

but you'd mock me in that dying weakness

I could put it all out there

but you'd sway that bay swagger

and tell me

you're soft 'ma

and my heart would dwindle

to a wisp of smoke

as i exhaled.

Each time i genuflected emotionallly

you poked and prodded me verbally

don't say i'm sensitiva

coz when a wild uncaged animal presents its gut

it's to be petted, not to be shoved away

Perhaps this is the lesson of this lifetime

Perhaps we should get our shit together

because we still speak a different language

as eras go by

I could change the worlds as we know it

but you'd never really understand

would you.

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