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Saturday, November 5, 2005

12 Nov 2005: Sparrows and Soul

I acquired the jasonrudolphpena poked in the butt inadvertently with a cello stick...ooops booty alert. I'm so tickled I just love this piece so's almost scary...but i love it so...And if anyone out there gives a shit I want the natalie wood piece for christmas....

then we went to the Loft...

fun times - saw gia and tim and phat e and everyone. n.... had a drink, keyla had 3 and i had watah!!! there was a girl with a mullet in disguise taking everyones pics...i dunno - i let her. Some drunken girl came up to me and said - are you Asian - I said yes. She said ohhh ur so pretty. I said, erm thanks. Then she crouched down - like she was coppin a squat and said in my face - is that your real hair. Bwaa hahahhaha. I said yes. She said are you sure - I said yes I wake up it looks like this, I go to bed it looks like this, I blowdry or airdry - it looks like this. She said nu Uh. I said yes, fine fuckin' touch it. Dude - she really mussed my shit up good. I just laughed and shook my head and it all went back into place. She said OMG i hate you. bwaa hahaha.

This bitch. Bwaaa hahahahhah

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