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Wednesday, December 7, 2005

07 Dec 2005: Wondertwins Kung Fu

Can I just say I wanna bitchslap someone with the bottom of my foot..however, the kung fu twins did me justice with the doc marten bitch slap to the vampire count...even after she lost that nibblin' canine she's still most kyoote

aka Vampire Effect in the US

What the hell am i doing watching movies...i'm supposed to be making gingerbread minis, can i feel less guilty coz i have laundry in the basket, yesterday I should have been makin' marzipan pieces but instead i went lookin for mags and out to mex food then nuSun went xmas shoppin ... I'm pretty much tapped out on xmas decor and such haha...

I already had a treacle of aggravation for valentines just thinkin' about valentines decor and cakes which will be in 2 short months yanno...I pretty much get tapped out on all the holidays just because I make decor back to back...i wouldn't call it bah humbug but it's happening....

I'll post pics of the xmas stuff i've been makin' in a couple days...


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