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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

14 Dec 2005: Sauce for the Heart, boots for the sole

...let me preface this with I love shoes: the unusual, the kyoote, the kind that make your ankles twitter with delicate ankle straps and heels that give you a nosebleed, the retro, and most of all the rare and hard to find.

The other night we were driving home...and nuSun started talkin about how he and hyder were talking at the flavor shop move to the Loft. I guess a girl walked past hydacious in some UGG-ly boots...and hyder popped out with,"...Saucy will always have a soft spot in my heart for her BOOTS, coz she always comes on point with her boots. You're girl can rock some boots..." Bwaa hahahahaa.

Funny thing is, I never realized he even noticed...or that anyone notices. At n.... last show I rocked some Black ecko boots with the socks attached that go up to the thigh - they look like tube socks but kinda tokyo-esque. I feel that if your boyfriend is headlining - the least you can do is dress the part if you are pushin the merch.

It is crazy hard to find boots in this town - at least boots worth owning that no one else rocks. I think I have like 10 knee boots, about 5 midlength and about 4 above the ankle, I even have open toe boots - bwaa hahaha. The rest of them are countless. Last season I had a crush on Luichiny's...this season I'm having a love affair with Irregular Choice shoes. I love the little cartoony characters on the bottom of the sole. Details details details...

I just chanced upon some cream and dark blue ecko boots again with the thigh high socks attached (same as pictured above but with dark blue stripe), I'm going to custom a short denim skirt just to go with these boots - but i'm saving them for the Grayskul gig that is coming here in January - I feel these are only appropriate for hip hop gigs in pleated or denim skirts... It's strange - I wear mine a lot higher than the knee - most people don't, I dunno why, it's sexier.


Cookie parcels went out today: classic chocolate chip

...vanilla cookie with some pink rock sugar i made

...dark choco cookie with white chocolate chip

...flourless oatmeal cookie with peanut butter and m&m's

...coconut choco pecan cookie with a graham cracker bottom

...ghirardelli drizzled krispy treats

I thought I was gonna be ambitious this year and make ube white chocolate truffles, some choco cognac truffles, some amaretto chocolates and some english toffee - bwaa hahahhah yah right. After I busted out my 7th dozen cookies - my chocolate dreams went right back to where they belong - in my "aspirations" file. haahhaha. I have a secondary batch coming --- I think I'm just going to aspire to uhhhh some lemon bars. It's funny - this whole cookie thing started out as a remedy for me. I wanna say about 10 years ago, when I lived in Calie - I have so much family and friends, I thought it was pointless to go out and get little gifts for everyone - so I started making bowed cookie tins filled with cookies and treats. But I have to say it's not just a Christmas thing whenever I get near anyone I always bake for them. No one seems to want any fancy french pastries I can make and with the exception of my brother who always jones for Danish...almost everytime - cookies are the ticket. lol. I miss baking with everyone pulling them straight out the oven and everyone just munching munching saying Mmmm uh Huh Mmmmn oh yah these are soooo good.

I miss the random barbecues we used to have with my cousins and after a weekend of catering mom would tell us call your cousins, call your uncle, call your friends c'mon lets barbecue - hahaa and after 3 or 4 days of cooking we would all sit around and cook and laugh. It was another world. I had an uncle who loved those Sunday eating things - he would say oh what's that, with the most serious look on his face and I would always make it a point to make at least one thing I knew he hadn't ever tried. And every time he tried it - he never criticized it. He might say oh that thing last week was better but this is good. LOL. Good times. Noisy houses full of laughter and noise and the smell of food keepin everyone glued.

This world has moved so fast. I used to hump away at my IT job and only feel remotely alive when I was cooking and getting lost over the flame. Now I'm happily humping away at my pastry gig and I wouldn't change that. If I could do it over again - I'd have everyone over to eat EVERY week. Even before the weekly bbq's when they were little --- it was so easy back then, when the days were filled with watching tv on lolo and lolas wood grain tv with a shutter, piggy back rides and eatin' shrimp chips. haha. Now that world is so far away and my 'baby' cousins are all grown up. I guess in some kind of formative world, we're all grown up.

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