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Saturday, January 7, 2006

07 Jan 2006: I made ur Oi and my Bi Bim Bap


My brothers birthday was 2 days ago and he didn't want me to make anything. He finally caved when I said how about some Tofu Jalapeno Beef with a little oyster sauce and green onion. He says, YAH - that! Then he eventually told me that he's gonna have people over for a barbecue on Saturday anyway and could I make some of those korean cucumbers I always make when we barbecue. So last night I told Keyla hey can you pick up some Kochu Jang (korean pepper paste) at the store coz I have to bail to work. She said sure.

They picked up the kochu jang, pickling cucumbers and regular cucumbers. So I did my thing and threw it together: one make ur eyes water hot and the other peppery sweet. So I'm putting it away and I see sticky rice, sprouts, spinach, carrots, roast beef, mushrooms. Bwaa hahaha - so I tempered a bit of chili paste with rice vinegar, soy sauce and sesame oil...sauteed, heated and fried an egg - grab some chopsticks, drizzle drizzle, throw - eat.

Ahhh - one of my faves, home made bi bim bap. I'm so sad I can't find a Korean restaurant around here. I really just want a bowl of chigae oh and a dozen sides, ah yummy spicy salty chewy...I miss Koryo house


the intro music to iron chef (original) and the closing music for backdraft is the same music. I was writing and I heard the music and looked up excitedly thinkin' oh it's TIME, and saw a bunch of fire engines on my tv. THAT is so wrong.

...WEIRD 2...

my brothers 'irregularities' in his blood cells disappeared, so the doctor says it's not thallasemia afterall. i don't know what bubbles stronger in me: my irritation at the doctor's haphazard diagnoses or my happiness at my brother being all good...i'm going to choose happiness


i'm so pooped lately. i feel like i'm chasing myself at work: chocolate...cake...more chocolate...truffles...more cake...gelato cake...decorative pieces...recipe testing...rush birthday cakes. I really wish i could just take a weekend away to do nothing. I mean real nothing, like wake up and take a BUBBLE BATH maybe with an espresso teetering on the lip of the tub, like walk around a city leisurely with nowhere to go, like randomly chance upon a gallery with a really dope exhibit or perhaps an old bookstore still owned by a book junkie, like a midafternoon nap followed by a massage and so on and so forth...

soon, but not right now.


I know this girl did NOT give the staff all kinds of shit because she couldn't have a SMALL gelato with MULTIPLE flavors. I was so happy I didn't have my managers shirt on that day. She repeated herself over 5 times insisting that she was just giving customer feedback. Hey guess what you nutgargler - just because you say it over and over does not mean that anyone will cave into you NOR does it mean that your opinion is correct. Plain of face and void of any true style - I could clearly see that she pushed her way through life. Pushing into random circles, pushing her opinion on others, pushing on hoping beyond hope that on the surface she might appear to be even moderately interesting (moderately interesting??? did I just write that fucking oxymoron), pushing herself onto men, pushing her voice into your ear. She's lucky she didn't have to deal with me that day - coz that would have been the day that she would have PUSHED her damn luck. So she's insisting and he's denying her, she insists that it's just input, and he retorts that it's just unavailable. She said she ONCE went to a gelateria in San Diego and they let you have as many as you want...after he let her BLATHER (and i was already in the back vomitting in my own mouth from her wretchedness) it came out that they also WEIGH the gelato after letting you pick as many as you want. Idiota. If we weighed all her shit she might as well get a medium and get the 2 flavors. Obviously this hoe has never been to Italy, they weigh damn near almost everything. Lots of bakeries carry certain kinds of pastries and pizzas that are weighed and you verbally or via hand signal tell them how large you wanna go. I was basicallly at the mercy of the server as to how much I would pay. And you know what I din't bitch once, I may have WINCED occasionally, but I reached into my pocket for the money. So back to the Angry Frumpy Hoe --- chicks like this really get on my nerves. With their angry dumpy plain faces, wearin the same jewelry as their little sorority sisters, with their pinky toe hangin over that dead flip flop, and to 'match' their flip flops they decide to wear a cotton sweater and a scarf. AND must you POINT at everything - it's so ugly? They just kvetch and kvetch and think they can wear people down, why? Why are there people like this who think that the entire world should revolve around their perception and opinions? Why does her dumpy frumpy ass think that she can enforce that shit on people? And who are the people who actually give in?

...I LIKE IT...


project runway: oh can I just watch the creative people go head to head running around with scissors, and running FAST!

cash cab: trivia game show on discovery channel where you play for money and even if you don't win shit - you get a free ride


cafe - 4 espresso shots 2 splenda

tea - 3 heap matcha nishi in a small cup

gelato - cafe mocha, coffee and roasted almond

breakfast - 2 eggs sunnyside down

lunch - noodle bowl with a squirt or sri ri cha

dinner - meat and meat with a side of meat

snack - plain yogurt with granola

fruit - dirty strawberries


pastry and design

giant robot


all the little nutcases who run around the shop afterschool wanting a treat a treat - mom i want a treat - don't forget my rainbow sprinkles - don't forget my giant m & m's - can i please buy a bottled water, sure kid - just don't spill it in your mom's porsche cayenne. bwaa hahahhaa.

lipstick: 18 hr nude

toe nail polish: rocky horror picture show glitter rock silver

scent: Issey Miyake, spring hot pink bottle

scent 2: burning toast

toothpaste: mentadent tartar control

frizzante: diet coke

subido: diet rock star with lemon

poison: cognac shots in pure silence

...I HATE IT...

i feel blinded by the sunshine. i feel lately like there is almost too much sunshine. when I drive to work in the morning - it fries the left side of my face and then due to the angle it is directly in my eyes for the entire drive - then on the way home I drive into the sunset. My brain is probably completely scrambled now. also, now that i work 9am - 5 ish, I have to fight the traffic. I fight it on the way to work and I fight it on the way home. I'm tired of fighting the traffic, I have to say that I genuinely miss working nights. My brain is always on SuperPerform at night, and I accomplish mad work with the least amount of effort. I want to be night lurker again...

...I LOVE IT...

i love my girls - they are unconditional in all scenarios!!!

i love that hazy place right before you awake and your hearing seems superhuman coz you listen to everything before your eyes pop open.

i love organizing my closet and then finding 2 favourite things that i forgot i had...i found a white denim skirt that i customed and my baby samurai print black tshirt - bwaa hahahahha....


it's weird not having my boything around, i find myself just lingering. just looking at magazines super leisurely, lounging around work, and just generally strolling slower. it's nice to have this slower after work pace - but i miss trading stories 'bout our days...

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