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Sunday, January 15, 2006

15 Jan 2006: For you and you and you

Another Saturday night and I got slammed at work, but I managed to stay on top of my workload and have a little fun. I actually remembered the digi cam - so here's a few things I made and who they reminded me of:

the Alfie: raspberry strawberry and cherry gelato cake with the appropriate toppings - kinna springy lots of fun, and makes a great impression even at first glance...

the April: dark chocolate mousse. dark chocolate glass. simple, but makes a statement...and if you don't wait long enough - too cold. hahah.

the Katie: Vanilla coffee, really strong coffee bottom on this one. a touch whimsical, but a constant yummy treat...

the BearMystic: oreo mint chip with crushed oreos in between. Decadent but familiar...

the Meesh: lots of berries, lots of chocolate. Meant for sharing but not required...I was particularly impressed with the mirror on this bad boy. For a few minutes I couldn't figure out what the hell is that yellow blurr - then I realized - OMG that's my stupide tshirt. bleh. haha.


today went by super quickly, there was a lot of activity and some sadness - but life goes on. On the way home I almost got take out, but changed my mind and came home for a boca burger with avocado.


tired...must rest brain now.

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