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Thursday, January 19, 2006

19 Jan 2006: I'm makin' cake no makin' friends

I don't like 'office' politics

When asked I'll speak my concerns

and if confirmed I won't deny.

But still I don't like it

So i'm in the business

of makin' cake, not makin' friends...

Kiwi Pineapple: i don't hate it i don't love it

Raspberry Chocolate: i'm bored of this...

Straciatella: sweet cream with 70% chocolate, it's aiight

Tiramisu this, tiramisu that...

it hasn't failed yet - it seems to be a staple...

--end cakes--

Today was emotionally tiring. I am a firm believer that urge control is what separates us from animals. If you can fight your urge to run from uncomfortable situations, to smack people into bloody pulps, to cuss like a sailor, to hurl porcelain across the room to hear that charming tinkle, to keep your face plastered with a pleasant smirk even though you want to snarl, to go about ur daily functions and not sacrifice quality. It is that ability to make your body obey your mind, that makes us civilized.

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