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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

10 Jan 2006: What I'm cookin not how i'm lookin...

no that's not a picture of mr Hankie, it's tamarind suckas



Beef or Pork Ribs are best, maybe 2 lbs

5 or 6 pcs of little gab’e (taro root)

white radish

green beans

camote leaves or baby spinach

2 fresh jalapeno

1 quarter of a green bell pepper

carrots cut in good rounds

4 talong (japanese eggplant) cut in sixths

white onion

salt and pepper

1 sliver green bell pepper

1 pack funky ass Knorr or Mamacitas sinigang powder

Hours before….

If Beef…u have to pre-boil to tenderize and clean off.. as it boils it’s SHMUTZ floats to the top, skim it off with a spoon and dump it… once it’s clean.. throw half of a tomato in quartered

If Pork…you have to pre-boil to tenderize a little and to get that STANK off the meat. With pork, once it’s half cooked dump ALL the water and start cooking.

Boil meat, add in onion/bell pepper/carrots/white radish & gab’e. Once those are half cooked add just 2 shakes of salt or a couple tbsp of patis…then add talong, beans and leafy stuff…throw in the jalapenos too, but don’t break them. I cook them into the sinigang just so they can be smashed into patis at mealtime. add 1 sliver of green bell pepper for coolness. Once it’s almost cooked…add in the sinigang mix slowly to taste…sometimes I squeeze in a half a lemon right before serving…coz I like it tart.

The whole thing is pretty much cooked on HIGH at first then goes to medium then to simmer…okay?

AFRITADA (my original recipe)


About 1.5 lbs of meat (chicken, pork, beef or dog) haha

2 cans tomato sauce

4 potatoes – cubed about as big as 1 inch by 1 inch

1 red bell pepper – chopped to nickel size squares

1 green bell pepper – chop to nickel size squares

1 can garbanzos (rinse)

1 can peas


soy sauce

pepper & red chili flakes



tomato optional – diced

annatto powder – 1 powder packet

Get a big ass pot with lid – I like 8 Qt…or a serious oval…

Heat oil to high, sauté garlic onion until translucent…then add little powder packer of atsuete, black pepper and chili flakes to taste and stir in…put in 4 tbsp of patis and 5 tbsp of toyo…of soy sauce as well.

Then mix in meat…keep in mind that beef takes the longest coz it has to tenderize. Once you stir in the sauté with the meat…add 2 cans of tomato sauce and fresh tomato then bring to bed high and stir occasionally until the meat is tender or the chicken is half cooked. Once the meat is tender and/or the chicken is half cooked, add the potatoes…when the potatoes are almost done add the bell peppers, garbanzos and peas.

Once the potatoes are done, it’s grub time.

Remember…salt as you go, don’t salt at once…also, I don’t know how ur stove reacts so keep an extra can of tomato sauce around in case you like more “sabaw” aka juice.



1 whole chicken – cut up


onions – chopped

ginger (young ginger is best) – julienne into matchsticks

patis (aka fish sauce muhfuqqas)

chayote – cut in 1/8ths or raw papaya

camote leaves or spinach

Salt and pepper…a touch of lemon juice

Heat 6 qt pan to high…add about 5 tsps oil

brown garlic…then throw in ginger until it’s practically toasted…throw in the onions until they are tender…then sauté the chicken in to burn in some of that taste. When the chicken is coated put in like 3 tsps of patis. Add pepper…then put in like half a pot or so of water. Let that boil and when the chickens cooked…taste it. Salt and pepper as you go coz it takes a while for the seasoning to wake up. When the chicken is cooked add the veggies…if you want it hotter add some fresh crushed pepper and/or fresh ginger.


No fancy descriptors, it’s just chicken rice like MY mommy makes it


1 whole chicken – cut up

5tbsp oil

garlic, 10 cloves minced

1 onion – chopped

thumbsize ginger (young ginger is best) – julienne into matchsticks

patis (aka fish sauce muhfuqqas)

1 tbsp black pepper

3 cups rice, plus 5-6 cups water

---I think 2 cups reg rice 1 cup sticky rice is best---

---if you use brown rice, triple the water ---

pinch of saffron

1 tbsp saffron hairs


roasted garlic

green onion slivers

crushed chicharrones

Salt and pepper…a touch of lemon juice


Heat 6 qt pan to high…add about 5 tbsp oil

brown garlic…then set most of it aside as a topping

Saute the ginger into the remaining oil and

Brown chicken completely once the chicken is browned,

Throw in the onion, pepper and patis…once the onions are almost clear

Saute the rice into the mix.

Make sure that you coat and

Roast the rice with the other ingredients…

At this point you might add A pinch of the saffron and throw it all around on high. Add the water…

Put a lid on it on high for about 7 or 8 minutes then check the water level…

Add the 1Tbsp saffronl this should be fairly soupy like hot porridge. If it is not gently soupy continue to add water and cook on medium high.

Once the rice is done it’s ready.

I serve this with garnished with green onion, roasted garlic and the crushed chicharrones, I also put out sliced jalapenos, sliced lemons and patis so everyone can adjust their own bowls.



Just for a sweet and tart crunchy side


2 jicama, skinned and cut into hearty lengths

1 cup rice wine vinegar

2 Tbsp balsamic vinegar or red wine

1 heaping Tbsp red chili flakes

1 tsp sugar or splenda

dash of salt

dash of pepper


In a bowl combine everything but the jicama.

Once the sugar is dissolved add the jicama

Throw gently by hand.

Place in a Tupperware or plastic container

Rest on the Counter at LEAST 4 hours

THEN refrigerate…

Of course you can eat this on the spot.



end recipes part 2


i know i said i wasn't gonna put these out until next week but April C. was kind enough to email me the copies of the recipes I sent her long ago...I was so tickled and happy to know that she still uses them. Hey to both my Aprils I hate you both coz you eat all day and still lose weight! Yay...Holla to Danielle too who ain't afraid of the kitchen, and still drops by to peek at my cookin logs.

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