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Thursday, March 2, 2006

03/02/2006: 72 - 48 - 36 hours

This past weekend 3 sets of cousins came to visit. Each of them came for a 72 - 48 - 36 hours. That's a pretty loose estimate of their timelines, maybe a little shorter, maybe a little longer. But in my opinion the visits were all too short. I haven't seen some of my cousins for a year or more - but you know the dopest thing? There is never any awkwardness, or discomfort or weirdness - it's always all good and all love.

Ahhh Aycee baby is all grown up. But somehow she still maintains this childlike quality about herself. She's right on track to pursue her bliss and that's all good shit. Funny thing is when I first met Aycee she was Kaylas age right now - 5 months. hahaha. So Aycee and I were baffled as to why the only shoes we seem to find in the desert and HI are mostly gold and silver - LMFAOOOO. She was on a mission to find something other than flip flops and platform flip flops. haha. I don't know how we did it - but we managed to go to like 6 stores in that short time and still meet everyone for Luncheon. haha. I stayed home to bake and they went to the clubsies on Mill. hahahha. I'm happy we got this chance to catch up as "adults." I can't wait until the next visit...

I finally met Kayla Jade who is all of 5 months. She is just straight MODEL baby - i'm not playin' i'm not exaggerating and i'm not being partial coz she's my niece. Believe me if yo' baby look funky i'll tell you, and if she's gorgeous - i'll tell you that too. Anyway, she's all easy smiles and laughing and beginning to make coos and noises coz she wants to join in the conversations. Christine and Kayla and Keyla came by the shop for a gelato, and heads popped out the kitchen to peek at my cousin and 'the BABY' All that day all those girls talked about havin' another one after seeing such a gorgeous baby. hahaha. Next time I see her will be July, i'm excited.

My cousin Christine looks sexy and thin as usual...I can't even imagine that she popped a baby out of that body. I was totally baffled and impressed to see her manage all the mommy things, and she did it in total CALM. The day she left, she had the baby in the baby pack, a backpack on her back, and a carseat on her arm. Plus she had to maneuver a suitcase at the airport. Jeez - she makes it look so easy - I think i'll have triplets - NOT!

then there's these godbebe's...

A year ago they were toddling around. Aycee and I snuck in a quick trip for some shopping while the Sterrett posse were en route...We also stopped at Target, and I said I dunno if they like robots or trucks or what, and Aycee said trucks FOR sure. Well, I got some 4 packs of fatty tonkas and we walk in the door and they are bickering a bit and crying for lolas WHEELCHAIR of all things. haha. So I pull the 2 packs of trucks out the bag and say how bout some trucks guys? The second I said trucks - they looked up and said trucks!! Yay!! hahaha.

I am so enamored by them. They are like a self sustaining unit - and mutually entertaining. Manners? Impeccable!!! Fun Factor? Bottomless! Creativity? non Stop Disco! I just love them they are so independent and full of energy. I congratulated my cousin Pheebz and my cousin in law Robz...on doing such a bang up job on the boys, I told them you have done an amazing job, they follow rules and structure yet they have retained their spirits and soul...They kind of laughed the tired laugh of people with a full life and I reiterated - I'm not bullshitting y'all, if they were badasses i'd say so hahaha. They came by the gelateria for dessert (ice cream they said bwaa hahahhaa )...The whole staff was just like awwww oooooooh aaaaaah...Phoeebz told me the boys said, we want to go to auntie elaine's work - hahaha. If it was my way, they would just have a permanent afterschool pass.

So everyone at the shop at least saw my cousins and niece and nephews, and the daily comment is,"well chefgirl, your cousins all have beautiful kids when are you gonna make yours..." I just laugh and laugh

As long as I have cousins and nieces and god kids and nephews - there will always be cookies to be baked and lovin' from the oven.

The house is strangely quiet - without the patter of feet and cooin' of princess babies. The house seems too big without cousins talkin' and laughter. I always did love havin' everyone around. Soon enough. Someone better get married in this piece and it ain't gonna be me. We need an excuse for a reunion. But I'll always believe people you loved in your 'childhoods' will always hold a special place in your heart...

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