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Sunday, March 19, 2006

19 Mar 2006: Birthday After

It was a mellow birthday

Flowers were brought in the day before, I dunno from whom

I'm not really a fan of noisy birthday celebrations, I've had too many of them I suppose. But everyone seems to be happy for me...I went to work after love and emails and phone calls from the family and well over 100 birthday comments. bwaa hahahha

It started off with 4 espressos and the kids hooting and hollering and me getting surrounded with hugs...and a card from the team

Miriam, our master gelato maker always remembers to get me flowers and a freakin ''bouquet'' of beefsticks, coz they know i'm a carnivore. You know that's the way to my freakin' heart - flowers and meat! haha.

But I went to work and stuff and humped through it...

choco mint choco:

Peanutty Butter Cup:

Raspberry Chocolate:

Choco White Choco:

All that equals a full case:


Then the fabulous Aly came in with a handmade card for me and nothing but hugs and kisses - she came in especially just to bring my card - she is my 'assistant pastry chef' it's her unofficial title and I gave it to her...

So I was pretty much ready to go...And Katie came by so we had some coffee and cigarrettes...well, she had gelato too

Then I opened a box she handed me from her Mommy and it had handmade potholders with this heatproof stuff inside - secret innards folks, I can't tell you coz it's patent pending...

It got uber cold on the patio, even with the heaters- so we left the biltmore area and went to tempe to see the boys and I din't really feel like eating out even though Katie offered, so we went to the homie hideout and she ordered in some yummy pizzas and stuff and it was a mellow funny night. Katie is the best and I'm glad we became the best of friends @ Cordon Bleu.

Then Tim said happy birthday coz he's Kewl

And Oh that Boything Just Couldn't do SHIT

As some of you may know each holiday or birthday or whatever, stupid bastard always makes me a painting of these weird little things I love. This is what he made me on my birthday the Gelato, Ciggie, Coffee Monsters. It's funny originally, I saw him sketch this on the back of the receipt and said I love those. This is in my top 3 faves, it's neck in neck with the blender art

here's the detail


And still there was cash and cards and calls and more hugs and kisses. Since I worked all weekend we're off to Bobby Q, tomorrow for my birthday 'dinner' I love their catch phrase "get saucy" haha. I'll be sure to catch pics tomorrow...

And it goes on...

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