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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

15 Mar 2006: Don't PEE PEE in the house

I love the little nohohon toys...I have 3 of them now

So last night we were at Take me Back Tuesdays...and it was pretty fun. I wasn't much in the mood coz we'd been running around all day and stuff and it's getting warmer, I was full of gyros and going shopping - but I pulled on my Chuck Taylor Stillettos and my White Furry Fur and take my ass to the spot coz the bastard unit is the host for the night...

The night started off with Odd Thomas...a cat from Long Beach

I dig how he's still in love with words and lays them with respect...

Odd Thomas...

Then came Listener with his volcanic bursts of energy

I like his idiosyncrasies, I dunno why but he reminds me of a hip hop David Byrne...I was feelin' the parentheses period exclamation piece

So then I sat around with the boys sucking down a red bull - industrial size, while they killed beers and chicken wings.

Well - at this spot, they have a smoking room with 2 coffee tables and 4 very long sofas and a big screen tv. I try to pop in there intermittently while the people aren't in there. So I sat on this one sofa adjacent to a table. So why did this frumpy, soggy jeaned HOE squeeze in between ME and the other table when there were like 20 other places to sit. And why did she not say excuse me. And why did she do it a second time to get out and hang out with her friend with an undersized sweater to cover an oversized tanktop swathering over her mishapen feet popped into flipflops. Whatever. As much as I wanted to pump 5 inches of stilletto into her frumpy ass I didn't. Know why, coz it's my friends venue - and I don't shit where we live. Stupid groupie hoes. I'm tired of their faux joyous smiles and their bullshit egos coz they know someone. And u know who they know some rap kid named Arsenic - they should have named that mothuhfucka baby powder - coz that's all i was hearin on the Mike...

Tired - shit is just tired. Everyone wanna look like aesop rock or slug - big fuckin' whoopty bam. I don't think I'm gonna be going to another show in awhile. If I have to look at one more wanna be political lyrical showdown - I will vomit my high protein meals...I'm getting sick and tired of all the egos, all the little cliques and all the cookie cutter bullshit. It might be a hip hop cookie cutter - but it's still a damn cookie cutter.

I'm over that shit.


So we left the club, and I was pretty irate. We pack up the PS2 and other such shit and hit the road. boything says I need a memory card thingie and another game. Hahahha - at 2am he says this shit. I'm like yah yah - so we stop at Wally World he grabs up his shit. We get home and he's like UH, I need batteries for these wireless controllers. Fucking bastard - I told him to pick up a 20 pack but noooooooo....Then he gets all impatient to program the controller and the card and he's hitting the buttons like a million times and I have to say calm down I read the directions and I'm like press this button then this button and your set. So I knew this was gonnna happen - I knew the Playstation was gonna take priority one once he got it all in order. LMFAO. I guess I'll start oil painting again - haha who cares.

So we went to bed at about 5am. Then we woke up at around noon, left the house to exchange the mark ecko game, pick up batteries and a pink lady apple for me, stop at Samurai Comics, then Pete's Fish & Chips for lunch - that was really good. Then back to the homie hideout in Tempe. So we weren't even in the apartment yet and he's unravelling the damn ps2 -

I wasn't really thinkin' of food. But I asked Tim - would you like me to cook up some chicken or what. He's like I'm not really hungry but isn't it FISH TACO NIGHT. I laughed and laughed and laughed. I said haha yah I'll make your asses some tacos, but no fish - i'm not in the mood to fry up some fish. He's like chickens good. So I throw a batch of stuff for tacos, including SLAZZA and Spanish rice. I was getting kinna tired towards the end of all the cooking plus the long afternoon of running around and all that shit but it was over pretty quick. So I said bye guys, they are like Thannnk You - i'm like see you this weekend. har har.

Driving driving driving...

It seems like all I do lately is drive...

I walk in the door and go through the laundry room - throw some shit in the dryer and peek in on the main living room. My sister has this furry shit on her shoulder and I'm like what the fuck is that. She said a puppy!!! I'm like a whaaaaaaaaat...She told me she's gonna name her hayden. I said that's lame - let me see her face. She has these markings that look like eyeliner and I said this chunksters name is Cleo, aka Cleopatra sister said haha OKAY - good one. She UBER kyoote. She's a pound puppy of course - coz we don't buy bred animals. Cleo is half German Shepard and half Sharpei. So cute and only 6 wks old. haha.

Don't PEE PEE in the fucking house CLEO

We're all lookin' kinna tired in the next few pics

But life is still fun indeed...

Me and Cleo...

My sister and Cleo

My brother and Cleo...*ps, he's single and minglin*

And here's MAX...who is 7 months old. We also got MAX at the pound - he's a spazz and a brilliant frisbee dog. He's half weimeraner half german sheperd. Our current dog who is halfheartedly jealous and curious of Cleo...

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