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Saturday, June 10, 2006

10 Jun 2006: Mission Accomplished

Albeit she's a bit lumpy and dumpy. Pardon the imperfections - I worked until 10:30 last night and came home and started baking and ganaching...I hope Alyssa really likes it..

This was similar to what she got last year

This is what she got this year...

The inside is strawberry vanilla marble cake and the filling is chocolate ganache - the princess knows what she likes and Daddy Konradio gets it for her...I love that saucy kid. If I would have got a cake like this at such a wee age - I would have squealed my little pigtails off...


My little sister has already told me I want a cake like that for my birthday in November...Bwaa hahahha. I'mma bring that shit to her office...she ain't no little kid - but i'll accomodate...


I'm pooped, I'm takin' a nap then getting a rental car until the mini cooper is done on Wednesday damnnit...

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