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Friday, June 16, 2006

16 Jun 2006: I'm sure the infatuation will Pass...

Her name is Madge...

Madge the MINI

These are the pics the night I got her...Ummm the pics don't do her the daytime she's more atlantic blue...or ummm a afternoon sky blue with a bit of silver so:

I will post day pics after the weekend...

In my eyes she was born yesterday and conceived in November when I got on the waiting list...Yes boys and girls, the MINI Cooper S Convertible was finally delivered with all the extra bells and whistles, well at least the bells and whistles I wanted...I went to the dealership yesterday around 6pm and we didn't get out of there until like 830 pm. Hahaha we shut that joint down. I have to admit...For those of you who don't know - when you decide you want a brand new Mini Cooper - you get on a waiting list. Because the mini's are made in between regular production - they are also made to specs per customer, they don't turn out very many and the value stays super high. So once you get on the list you put a refundable deposit of 1000 bucks down and then they will contact you once you are on the list - then you come in and finalize your specs and put a secondary deposit down so production can begin on your ride then you get your car --- uhhh, 4-6 weeks from that point. So I got on that list in November and they called me in March and I pushed the date coz I wanted to put more of a downpayment down...then about 2 months ago she went into the Mini Production Line aka Birth Canal...Last week I get this call - your car is here, let us know what you want in it that we install domestically - So I had the usual stuff put in...Lo-Jack System, Privacy Tint, Ipod Attachment, An armrest, Run Flat Performance tires and take the rims up one more inch and all that shit...Last night I went to get her.

Oh Honey...I could barely stand that shit - and when I took the elevator to the second floor I saw a mini facing the exit doors with a car cover on looked like a doo rag for a euro ride. haha. So we go through the motions - sign the paperwork, I get the little aircaps with a mini logo for the tires, they throw me 3 Mini logo pens, 2 logo keyfobs, 2 alarmed keys and 1 plastic key to keep in my purse in case I lock the keys in my car so I can get in. Then Greg says - would you like to see HER? I say YES...and he takes off the car cover and voila - there she is. Madge...I could barely stand it. He explained everything in the cockpit (see pic above) and believe it or not all of those buttons and switches make sense...After he drove us on the loop de loop exit from the 2nd story - I dropped the top and put it in reverse.

1) I'm so happy I got the 6 speed, she's so growly

2) Turbo makes me moist

3) I'm uber happy I got a sports package and upgraded performance shit.

4) Must remember to put a hairbrush in the glove box

5) The night skyline seems much prettier from a convertible

6) Madge is a little bottom heavy so I couldn't resist - I took a right turn @ 50 MPH. I also peeled out on a left turn at Priest and University. Ah so lovely that I have a switch to disable the auto correcting brakes. hahha.

7) I like it when people look at my car and miscalculate her power.

8) It hurts my feelings to drive with the top up. it's 11:30 at night and I pull up to my boyfriends house blasting K-os on the lovely stereo. He pops out the door with a big grin and a wave...I pull into the driveway and the Xenon lights self adjust. haha. He and Zokes are just laughing...they are so happy for me and lookin' at the car sayin' OMG how dope...this car is sick. hahhaa. So the boyfriend unit says so we'll take her for a spin RIGHT. hahaha - he's already runnin' into the house for his wallet. I look at him and he says Wallyworld? I said sure. So we all get in the car and take the highway there and the backroad back. hahaha. En route he had the biggest grin on his face. He was just as happy as me. Then when we woke up this morning...He's like uhhh hmmm can you take me to the Asian store - haha. I laugh and grab my sunglasses and we roll to the store and when he comes out he goes, well we ARE right here - we might as well show Hyder old Madge. Hahahha I laugh.

Hyder is like ohhh dooope. I love Hyder. He's like oh so it wasn't a LIE (big ass grin from Masta Foo)...I'm like Oh c'mon hydacious - you know how hard it is to get into these things. hahahah. He's like Oh I know Sauuuucy...He's like it's a dope car - you deserve it girl...enjoy that shit.

I'm having so much fun right now. I'm sure in a month or so - I'll be over this initial euphoria but for now I'm just gonna have fun with it...Life's little pleasures. I can't wait to drive down Highway 1 in Calie...


...they are a gang...

Mini cooper people are a little gang. hahaha - but a happy gang in kyoote cars. It's funny, everytime someone in another Mini rolls up on you they either wave or grin or both. It's kinda spooky, but funny spooky. I like that I have a color limited to the Cooper S convertible...


...on Black Forest Cake...

I made a gelato version of a black forest cake.

Everyone who's tried it really liked it with a few exceptions...

I've been doin' a lot of test kitchen stuff.

Lucky lucky kids...I wish I would have

had a job as a teenager and someone

would say - HEY come here try this...

Bwaa hahahhhahha


...14 years old...

Why is everyone marking their profile private and stuff...The proliferation of drama is becoming way too prevalent. I don't invite drama, but I won't avoid confrontation either. Ummm. It's just weird how stuff happens tidally - the water's always really high or really low. So you are either wading or drowning...haahha.

But remember this. No matter who you are to me, and no matter how much I love you or like you - once you Volunteer for bullshit you get no sympathy from me. You invited THAT into your life, so you no longer qualify for sympathy or compassion because by volunteering you ceased to be a victim of circumstance.

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