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Saturday, November 17, 2007

17 Nov 2007: Donations and Junkin' It

So Mom busted me today throwing out old photos with ex boyfriends. She saw them in the recycle bin and said,"Who will recycle a man?" I said not me. Then she shook her head and said,"You will keep those vintage jackets from the thrift store but throw away pictures???" I said Yup. She laughed and laughed and laughed. She said,"Maybe you should keep them and remember the FEW good times you had with those guys..." I guffawed and said,"Mommy, I'm tryin' to get amnesia!" Then I busted out a picture of a guy she met before she met dad who used to write her from a boat coz he was in the Navy...and SHE laughed her ass off...

It was weird to see pics of my brother with his exes and my sister with hers. My other sister has no pics with others coz she married her first love. Then much to my mortification - I went to my nieces page and she has a picture from HELLLLLLLA ago - before I discovered TweeZers! Yikes!






That's Me.

Bwaaa hahahahahha.


I'm going back to organizing and rearranging. Alfie if you read this - I still have your glass shelving...I'm kind of glad to have gone through all my stuff and realize that I have the dopest bedding and linens ever.


I'm still laughin' at my horrible eyebrow pic!!! I'm just relieved that I beautified late in the game instead of burning out too quickly!!!

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