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Thursday, August 11, 2011

August Haul...About half way.

Back in the saddle from being overseas last month. I've been home about 3 weeks and it feels good to be back and preppin.

Pork tenderloin was only 1.76/lb. This one piece made approximately 4 pints. I like pulled pork sandwiches so I put this up. I know some of you are not fans of pork but we are. End of conversation.

93% lean was only 1.96 a lb from Fry's market as well. In other areas they might be known as Kroger's. We bought 3 chubs which is 6 lbs. 6 lbs made about 8 pints. Truth be told the biggest chunk of our canned proteins is chicken and lean ground. Lean ground is super flexible recipe wise or even as is for dirty rice.

Once Mr. Man returns with my camera I will be doing recipes on various canned meats including spam, canned ham and the like.

Here is the finished result from canning the pork and chicken.

Seedless grapes were only 77cents a lb and Rainier (THE BEST) cherries were only $1.99 a lb from the usual $5/lb. I am seriously considering canning cherries but I need a cherry pitter. The last time I dehydrated cherries my fingers were blue for a week from removing the pits.

Carrots: 50 cents/bag
Bellpepper: 4/$1
Bolillo Rolls: 5/$1

Half and Half organic salad: $1 each
Cauliflower $.50 cents each
Various Revlon makeup: 99 cents.

Now I know what you are saying makeup? When I see nice neutral colors in good brands like Revlon or L'oreal for less than a dollar - I put them up because even during the War women will trade for cosmetics. Believe that.

The vegetables above made this jardiniere. I really like jardiniere. Sometimes I'll even chop it up and put it in sandwiches instead of pickles.

Mr. Man is a bit heavy handed with the herbs but they tasted really good in the end. With him there are no mistakes in the kitchen - just new recipes. HAHAHA.

Bellpepper 4/$1
Plums 2lbs/.96 cents
Green Onion 3/$1
Cucumber 6/$99 cents
Jalapenos 4lbs/$1
Beef Roast $2.99/lb (very little fat)
Chicken Bouillon 99 cents

All this is for eating and prepping. Mostly for prepping lol.

Someone told me it is against federal law to put hormones in your chicken. So the label of no hormones is an enticement. However I will say that Chicken from Sprouts Market has the best texture, the best smell and the least fat of the chicken breasts that I buy around town.

Their Chicken (boneless skinless) are only $1.89/lb on sale. Other markets have it between $1.47-$1.67/lb. For the difference of approximately 30 cents I will pay for the higher quality.

Peaches were on sale the previous week 4lbs for $1 and last week at 3lbs for $1.

12 lbs was the first batch i bought $3
18 lbs was the 2nd batch i bought. $6

These were good both canned and fresh. And at those prices even if no one in the house did like them I would just put them up and trade them with someone in later days or even include them in Christmas tins with cookies.

12 lbs sliced made 3 pints plus 2 quarts plus 2 bottles of peach syrup.

I always withhold and can the syrup because fruit syrups are always good to mix with green tea or lemonade. And properly stored a syrup will not mold unless it is exposed to air.

18 lbs peaches quartered made only 7 quarts preserves and 2 quarts syrup. Unbelievable. I really thought it would take more than that. I will tell you this - I had to bust out the biggest pans I had to boil these for 1 minute and it was a pain. I would suggest you raw pack them and get the syrup super hot then boil water can them. It was a mess but a delicious mess.

I was running low on lemon and lime juice - so I popped by the 99 cent only. The lemon juice there is 25% juice and the lime is actually very good. I also stopped by Wally World for pure acetone (for my nails UH HUH) and the composition books were only 40 cents. In our preps we also include paper, pens, pencils, because those are simply things we cannot make and you may have to teach small children how to write or do math or science so it is good to have.

Here is confirmation that it's made int he USA and is good until June of next year - but truth be told it never lasts that long in this house.

Here is a close up of the chicken package

$1.89 a lb. It still can't be beat. What I don't understand is this temporary drop in prices on everything here in AZ. It's quite deceptive because I talk to people around the country and they are definitely not getting the same benefit as the prices we have here. I am taking advantage of it but since the fiasco with Wall Street I intend on buying even more this week to can and store.

8 lbs fresh makes about 8 pints canned. I am very cautious not to overstuff them coz I feel it is a waste of time when you lose a seal. We have used our chicken in various ways but that will be highlighted in another blog.

Always on the hunt. These brownie mixes were only 69 cents a piece at Albertsons. Yeah you heard me. So I bought all the ones they had left on the shelf. I buy the small boxes of baking soda for my cookies because I like the lift from a fresher box. I bought corn tortillas because I can't keep up with how much they eat around here. The pectin I got for $1 with my latest coupon. Now the Jars and lids...well that's another story.

Jars: 5 bucks a case and 99 cents a box of lids!

Here is a picture of the receipt for any disbelievers. This is what happened...the girl I always pick (Jess) to check out at Walmart knows that I price match and use coupons. She asked if the jars had any price matching. I said well,"you should just put them at $5 like the clearance at Fry's and the lids are normally 99 cents..." Well don't you know she did match it.

Click on the pick to enlarge.

Observe it says CASH. I try to pay cash for preps purchases so no one can dig around in my data. As for membership cards those are all dummy names and phone numbers.

The 25 lb sugar never goes on sale. However the price has held for the last 6 weeks at 13.78. This girl had the nerve to tell me that the 4lb bag was on sale for $3. Hahahaha. Ain't that something, I had to tell her that would make it about $18 for 25 lbs and that did me no good. Math folks.

Like I said - Mr. Man took off with the digi cam for the shotgun wedding so the other preps I was able to purchase so I will just put them on by the end of the month

Walgreen's is getting harder and harder to hustle.

Contact Solution: 8 bucks with instant $8 rebate
BPA free baby spoons: $1.09 clearance
Lindt Choco Truffles: $1.50 each
Aquafresh Whitening: $1.29 clearance
Johnson 500pc Q tips: $1.99

They have really tightened up on the use of the rebates. Before you could use the rebate on the next purchase which included separating your purchases and paying for the 2nd half of your items with the previous rebate. Now they no longer allow you to apply your rebate until the following day. So I'm going to have to break up my purchasing - I can't wait until the weather cools down so I can just ride my bike down there. I have no intention of wasting gas just to save a few bucks. In truth if you do it right they end up paying you 25 cents to a buck to take that stuff out the store.

Keep Preppin' Folks...It's getting bonkers out there!

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