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Monday, August 1, 2011

July 2011 Preps

Well I was off to the Philippines for the first 3 weeks of July. I went to see my Grandmother and make sure she was ok. In between hanging out with her and getting massages I was able to acquire some preps.

Virgin coconut oil cold press organic - it was only a bit over $4 a bottle.

These 2 liter coconut oil packages already in mylar were a mere 5 bucks a package. Genuinely a steal at least in that cost per ounce thing.

I picked all this up locally - organic baby spinach and the organic half and half greens (half spinach half micro-greens) romaine, asparagus, pharmaceutical grade fish oil, ultra brite (yeah yeah i know it's got fluoride), grape tomatoes, large slice kraft swiss - all of it was 99 cents and I had a 10% off coupon. lol. obscene.

Peaches 4 lbs/.96 cents
White onions 4 lbs/$1
Cucumbers 4/$1
White long grain rice 4lbs/.96 cents
New Mexico Chili 99 cents
Paprika 99 cents

Dressing 99cents
Kerr Lids 1.50 for a box of 12.

You know I notice an ongoing debate about Kerr vs Ball. Guess what? Ball bought it ALL - so all the manufacturing is the same now.

Ginseng Coffee $2 for 16 packs
Choco Tabs $1.50 each - similar to bakers choco
Cocoa Powder $2 each

I love shopping overseas - I know I'm forgetting something I just don't know what it is.

I picked these up overseas at their ace hardware
the smaller ones were about $2 and the larger ones were $4. And supposedly that was more expensive than buying them in the country lol.

I have seen these here upwards of $5 and not for 25 pcs of them.

8 lbs of peaches made 3 quarts plus 2 pints preserves and 2 pints of peach syrup. We use the syrups to flavor our teas or for Italian ice.

Amazing organic large grain fed chicken brown eggs for only 99 cents.

Goodness Gracious!

My sister went to best buy so I popped over to the hobby lobby next door. I had never been to a hobby lobby before and I wanted to check out some mason jars.

First thing I found resting on a back wall was this 5 ft by 6 yard canvas for only $29. ahahhaa that is hilariously cheap and even though I still have paintings pending it doesn't hurt to put up fine grade canvas.

Next I went to the jar section. They had all the glass for 50% off. The mason jars were a ripoff and the Ball 1 gallon jars were actually made in China - WTF WTF WTF! However I did find these 2 liter storage for only $2.50 each. And these smaller ones (4 oz?) were only about 99 cents each. The taller ones I intend to use for grains and rice. The smaller ones I don't really have a use for but I figured 10 of them wouldn't hurt to have around.

Organic Red and Organic Black rice also from overseas - I think it was under $2 a pound. And such good bite - if I just had more room I would have bought more.

My lovely QB stove...around $45. It only has about 5% smoke - I actually saw them doing a demo in the department store with it lol.

Afro will test this for his youtube channel at the end of this week. It puts your mind at ease to have an extra stove.

I found these bug band insect repellent bracelets for only 80 cents at Hobby Lobby I figured it wouldn't hurt to throw them in the bug out bag haha.

The mini baggies were also on sale for 50% off and these are always handy for seeds and valuables.

I found a plain white sweatshirt for $2.39.
Hahahaha isn't that something?

This is from tonights canning - 4 pints lean ground and 4 pints pork tenderloin.

93% lean was 1.96 a lb.
pork tenderloin was $2 a lb.

Here is another fantastic find from overseas coconut cream powder less than 50 cents a pkg and is equivalent to a 12 oz can. The curry was only about 30 cents a packet. I'm going to test a small amount before asking for more to be brought here.

I have forgotten to take pics of stuff but you can see it on Mr. Mans page because he showcased it all in his excitement...that didn't even include the goodies we brought back for friends.

Stay preppin everyone.


  1. You should lead shopping expeditions - good job!

  2. @pelenaka: Lady that would be the BEST JOB EVER...but if I lead shopping expeditions you would have to teach deal surfing as well! :)