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Saturday, August 27, 2011

End of August Haul...I'm pooped

Jars...the blessing and bane of a canning junkies existence. I checked out craigslist and there was a lady 2 exits from here selling 7 jars for 2.50 lol. 2 quarts, 5 pints and 2 ball glasses with lids. Sweet Lady...

Quite a deal but they are getting harder and harder to come by.

My sister wanted to go on a shopping mission and we had to bring one of the dogs to the vet for a checkup. I found this at ross hidden in the plates. Really weird. It used to be 14.99 but I managed to find it on clearance for 5.99.

Crazy's an LED wind up light. I minute of winding will give you 20 minutes of light. It works I tested it. Pretty easy to use - has 3 brightness settings and a hook to hang it and a rubberized bottom so it doesn't "slip."

We needed one but I figured that it would be handy for prepper stock - camping stuff I guess. I'm not really hip to the camping - camping to me is a hotel without a concierge so this will be interesting. HAHAHA.
We decided to kill time and stay on the same side of town as the vet to conserve gas. L'il sis suggested we go to Target bc bathing suits should be 75% off by now. They really weren't but I found this 8 pc water bath canner set for 14.98 it was half off!
Someone said that's an "OK" deal. Hahahaha really? Coz the last time I checked the price of the canner alone is $15.

I like how it has the basket and the extra funnel and magnet. I must admit I already extra accessories stored for the canning such as funnels, jar lifters, hundreds of lids and all that because I know the price is only going up and because I know that I'll be a canner for as long as I can do it it's not a passing fancy yanno?

Albertsons had the shank Ham for 1.27 and butt ham for 1.47. I opted to get the shank so that I could boil it out and make ham stock for pork and beans or ham and pea soup.

Target had Mr. Mans favorite body soap 2 for 5 and Albertsons had the wine on super sale.

Since we are comfortable at the level of preps we have this is the stage in the game where we take advantage of sales and incorporate them into our preps. I don't know how much liquor people incorporate into their preps but we do at least once a month add a few bottles.

The wine is red rock Merlot and some organic Chilean red, carmenere i think. The wine was about 75% off. I'm not really a wine fan but Mr.Man definitely is. So at these prices it's kind of ridiculous not to buy them.

Funny how when stores renovate here they put everything on clearance and then restock.

Bread Pans for baking. I currently have 4 but I decided to pop into the Ross and see if they had anymore of the Nordic Ware USA made steel pans I like - they didn't have those but they had these king Arthur flour brand ones. Also made in the US and stainless steel.

I think they were like 6.50. Some people pay as much as 12 bucks for made in china ones with crappy teflon. Yuckers.

Others prefer to bake their bread in glassware (aka Pyrex) I've personally never baked any kind of bread in glassware but I think I'll give it a whirl now.

I always used my Pyrex short dishes for vegetable terrine and couple size lasagna :)

While in Target I also stopped by to look at the clearance along the ends...and found Colgate toothpaste $1.38 for 8 oz plus free toothbrush. I picked up 10 of them. I really could have picked up a lot more but we already have a lot in storage. What a steal.

Last stop was dollar tree because it was right next to the vet. I picked up cloves, whole milk and half and half (shelf stable best by date is Feb 2012). Lemon extract (ingredients lemon, oil, alcohol). And a backup tripod for the camera so when I start doing cooking demos.

I almost forgot to mention at target they also had the Ball Blue Books on clearance for 3.62. I already have one but this is just in case I destroy mine.

Dollar tree also had these intruder alert trip wire things for the doors, generic neosporin and extra batteries for the trip alarms. As you know everything is a dollar.

Today I was able to find natural (unbleached) parchment paper for 2.99. Glitter sprinkles for cupcakes (2.49) - not really a prepping item but nice to put up since Christmas is right around the corner - and I found that Albertsons grocery carries junket rennet - So I will be able to make an attempt to make cheese!!!

My brother also hooked me up with this Portuguese coffee for only $12.99 - it sounds like a LOT but actually it's over a kilo of whole bean coffee. I don't think it can be beat. Chocolate Traditional Roast - Organic. LOL.

Finally, he also got me this manual coffee/grain grinder. It only does 1 cup at a time but it doesn't hurt to have it - it's made out of beech and brass.

It's been busy around here because I already canned half of the ham and organized the house and cooked dinner and blah blah.

It never ends.


  1. There are so many good deals and things in that haul! I don't know where to begin commenting.
    The canning kit - awesome price! With our addiction to canning, we need all the spare parts we can get!

    Manual coffee grinder, great idea - TJmaxx?

    Love the intruder alert things.. I will have to check out my Dollar Tree for those and the batteries too.

    :) Good job woman!

  2. @CK: Thanks woman! I wish you would show your hauls too you do a great job as well!

    @PELE: Thanks Lady! I tell you what deals are getting harder and harder to find = It was much easier in DEC when not as many people were out there lookin for stuff!