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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Canning: Cherries

Hello Everyone!

The Canning Junkie is back!

I stopped by Sprouts Market as I needed some more romaine (organic on sale there at 99cents for 3 heads), as I was picking up produce on the way out I noticed a table of cherries - I checked and the price was 99 cents a POUND! What!

I picked up 4 bags but my brother took one home...hahaha I can't decline that guy ever.

Wash and De Stem

I don't have a cherry pitter so I tried with a chop stick. I lined up the tip with the belly button...

Held the fruit loosely and pushed the chopstick through and the pit came out...

My friend CK also suggested an icing tip. Lord knows I have a ton of those so I picked the most narrow tip and set it on a tiny saucer.

Belly button side down

One firm push and the pit is out.

Wash the canner and add a splash of vinegar.
Place on burner on high heat.

Wash/Sanitize jars, lids and rings.
Fill jars halfway with hot water

Set into canner on top of stove.
Cover with lid but do not shut.

Set rings in heat resistant container.
Set lids to dry for a bit

Measure out syrup ingredients:

7 cups water
10 oz apple juice
4 cups sugar
1/2 cup lemon juice

Set out utensils.
Ensure everything is clean.
If in doubt - wash it twice.

Once you hear canner boiling start syrup.

Unlid canner and begin removing jars.

Remove jars with jar lifter.

Pour hot water onto lids and caps.

Set jars aside on towel.

Fill to the 1/2 inch line.
Tap jars onto your palm to settle them.
Fill again.

Top off with syrup.

Run spatula along sides to burp bubbles.

Wipe Off lip and sides of bottle.
This is rather sticky i did it THRICE.

Grab lids with magnetic lifter.

Line them up and cover lids.

Position rings. Close fingertight.

Please use towels, my hands are very resistant to heat - don't try this at home ;)

Place jars in canner not touching.

Fill with more water to lid level.

Boil Water Canner
pints: 25 minutes
quarts: 30 minutes

I start the time after the nipple pops.

Remove from heat.
Allow to cool.

Try to remove them upwards not side to side.

Once they've cooled remove the rings and check the seals, also wipe down if anything is sticky or tacky. Dry again.

7-8 lbs did make 10 pints. So it would be a good idea to withhold a bit for house eating.

Label and put up!

Happy Canning.

ps) Please follow your ball book directions and check the seals. If the seals don't tighten as they should just put it in the fridge and eat it during the week. OK.


  1. If I ever found cherries for 99c a pound, I would die from a cherry overdose. LOL... they are $5 a lb. here... no sales :(

  2. @Kae: it is SO expensive for everything where you live! Jeez...I wish you lived here anyway so I could have my bestie as the co pilot on deal hunting!