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Contact Me By Clicking "view my complete profile"

Thursday, October 6, 2005

06 Oct 2005: Today is a WTF Day!!!

I came home and my profile was NAZI edited by Myspace. WTF.

I walked outside and my sister told me - hey the homeowners association emailed us and said there is a MOUNTAIN LION in our GATED community. WTF.

I made a grip of cakes and the case wouldn't drop temperature. WTF.

Albertson's called back after my complaint some weeks ago and said to come by and ask for Rich and they would give me a gift card. WTF!!!

Tommy Lee (Methods of Mayhem and Motley Crue fame)...was across the street havin' sushi and a drink, and he really does rock a bucket cap. But he did not dig on gelato. WTF.

My hair is growing too long and it looks like Ashton Kutchers. WTF!!!

I can't find my superlow grey dkny hipsters. WTF WTF WTF.

Doppelganger the movie started fabulous and ended hokey. WTF.

Asian Sensation food ads are getting on my nerves. WTF.

Those sequined purses annoy me. WTF.

Why is everyone so aggravated lately. They look like they have a demitasse spoon of shit plopped under their nose. WTF.

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