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Monday, October 10, 2005

10 Oct 2005: Favourite of the Day

I love this picture - it just has the colours of that movie Amelie...I need a picture like this - but with my big chef hat, my chef jacket, a ripped denim mini skirt and crazy knee boots. hahahhaha.

Weird thing today: exploding car going south on Hwy 17. Weird shit. It wasn't even hot today why do cars always explode on the side of the road in arizona. I don't remember ever seeing exploding cars until I moved here. Like 2 weeks ago I saw a station wagon on the side of the road just engulfed in flames. On graduation day - we saw a Uhaul on the 202 in like super duper high heat flames...

Doppelganger - we saw Casey Kulers body double in the magazine section of Barnes and Noble. Freaky. I think it's a sign that n.... needs to call Kuler...

I have 23 views today on my blog. Weird - who's the snoop doggy poop on this one - coz I only have a dozen or so readers. I have like 22,000 views other than that. I think i'm just gonna leave my profile classic for awhile - even though the fabulous Carrie Rawks of HIMstress fame has offered to do it for me...

I framed the boything - Everytime I knew he was a few steps near me - i would squeak a fart out and then the sales people would look at him funny - i am EVIIIIIIIL.

I found the dopest folding keyboard seat for the gelato makers at the shop - a casio PBench - they better love me for this. I also figured out a good ratio on the clear glaze for cakes and such. Fuckin' great we won't have to order the Italian shit. Whew. Tomorrow is Kill Grill - Midnight Brunch - it oughtta be fun. See all you Grillheads there tomorrow.

Okay time for a shower and then this new movie.

Goodbye my fans who read my blog - and if you want to leave a comment muhfuqqas - the worst I'll do is pie you in ur smarmy face.

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