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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

18 Oct 2005: Doctor of Patisserie - Saucy PH.D

This has happened for the last 6 weeks. I get called in on my dayoff coz of special requests for cakes. It's so funny coz our GM feels bad when she calls me - but it doesn't bother me one damn bit. I always say before I bail on sunday - just call me if I need to kill an order. haha.

I just got another voicemail..Channel 3 came by to televise and they gawked and filmed the cakes - the GM gave me the heads up - coz this means double custom orders until christmas. bwaa hahahha

And so again it happened today. But it's for M.Williams - they finally had their baby girl and he's so excited he needs a theme cake. I will work on the marzipan pieces tonight while I'm at kill grill but I'll build the bulk of the decorations this evening. His wife is so lucky - he only gets the best for her and his mother in law. And so I'm off. I'll be at kill grill after sundown - but for now I have to put on my apron and garde mange some mango flowers...

**two thumbs up**

I had an optometrist appointment today - my eyes are SHOT - hahaha they dropped another 100 pts, that's the bad news. The good news is he gave me 2 pair free of the new monthly disposables to "try out." I'm the only one in my family that has to wear glasses - this sucks haha. Next spring, I'm going to get lasik as a birthday treat to myself.

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