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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

26 Oct 2005: Halloweenie and Balls

I don't know how I feel about theme cakes...

I've only put out a few cakes. Chocolate and White Chocolate Cakes topped with a tinted clear glaze and then the chocolate design on top. So then I piped out the dorky little spiders and put an almond on their back. and on the other I popped in a boo chocolate with a white be honest - i like the little tiny ones best. The bulk of them went out in the promo baskets for the media..

The GM said she wanted to make little roche ice cream balls with a raspberry center. I just thought roche BALLS sounded too funny - so i asked what is Ball or Round in Italian - and she looked it up and said there it is - Lampone Roche Gelato Sfere, compliments of Saucy. The desert is about the size of a baseball - these are cute even though they look a bit like knockers...I have to admit - even if they are quick to make, it's tough going - coz I have to create the ball then blast freeze it - then yank it out and dip it in hot gianduja type chocolate - haha tricky tricky tricky. But...if i were to choose a dessert - this would be the one.

I've no time to make a halloween costume. Mom and Lola have decided to bail for Manila in time for Todos Los Santos...and they will be gone for about 2 months so we did a lot of running around instead of me locating some carvable foam...oh well. There's still this weekend. We'll see how work and school go coz the costume should be pretty easy but i do need time.

Speaking of school...I'm tired of some of those people. They ask stupid questions because they don't listen. I think that's impolite towards the facilitator of the segment. I also think those bitches are simple in their fuckin' heads - the ones who ask the same question in an alternate matter thinking that they will get the answer they perceive as correct. I finally busted out this one stubborn barhag and said what you are talking about is totally irrelevant to what we are studying. The verbiage of what we are learning is legalise therefore it is not logical - it is applicable. she prolly opens her legs even more than she opens her mouth. You don't get a higher grade for "participation." All this shit is pass or fail. What a dullard.

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