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Friday, October 14, 2005

14 Oct 2005: Cake Call

Hell Customer 1

alked to T - regarding a pretty big chocolate cake. She had all kinds of crazy specs - dark chocolate glass, with artsy white chocolate 'jackson pollock' splashes and dots but not too many dots, no more than 10...and just a touch of meringue and a few raspberries but subtle. hahaha. So I made 2 versions, well that night after I left she called back to specify no MORE than 10 white chocolate dots. Bwaa hahahhaa. So I made a 3rd version because T- was reallly thinking that she was going to be uber picky...I said does it matter, she's got 3 choices now and if she doesn't want any of them, then someone will buy them out of the case. The general manager nodded and I didn't give it a thought. So 6pm came and amazingly no one was around but me - I showed her the cake, she said exquisite - perfect, just like i wanted. She was as pleasant as fuckin' cotton candy. I expected a little more snarl to her, but she just purred. haha.

Hell Cake 2.

"I want a mango and peach cake, and I want decorations, but not too high I want them to sit low. hahahha." After the whole chocolate incident - this wasn't shit. So I cut half a mango paper thin and then folded it so that it was bowed every other petal but the long petals hung over the edge of the cake - I would have been happier with a few pieces of dragon fruit - but it's a little hard to find around here. The GM called her to confirm the cake and the customer said, i'm sure no matter what your chef does - it will look great - haha. She picked it up and ooh-ed and aah-ed and said ohhh it's marvelous - just marvelous. bwaa hahaha.

Double Cake...

Rock-oh's got a double birthday tomorrow...Snaps cake which will have superman font, some chocolate buildings and a piece of kryptonite made out of sugar...and then there is Mandas cake which will be a chocolate vanilla joint - with a cinderella carriage on top made out of chocolate and i'm making the fat mouse and the skinny mouse out of marzipan. I'm just gonna hammer this out while i'm watching films tonight. I had to rework and recolour all of the marzipan today and that alone took 2 hours. I finished the bulkier pieces of chocolate as well as 6 other cakes. Rock-oh'z funny - he said let me challenge your ass a little bit, I want this this and that - and then he set me to task. bwaa hahahahha.

My other Asian Mommei...

The owner stopped by this afternoon to say hi and coz she missed us girls. She also stopped to comment how my cakes are becoming more popular and are 'just beautiful' and where do i come up with my ideas etcetera. She also looked pleased in sayin' that I obviously enjoy what I do, coz it shows in everything I do and how I treat the people around me. That's really dope to be recognized. I still believe only the humble improve, but once in awhile that pat on the back and recognition reinforce that i made the right decision in starting a second career. It's absolute truth that if you love what you do - you flow easily through work like swimming through water as opposed to running against the wind.

420 cake.

Why did rachael order a cake and in the special request section it says 'leaf' -and I said leaf? and she said YAH - a marijuana leaf!!! ahahahha. This is the same girl I bump into at nordstroms and we end up sitting in shoes just talking for an hour - hahaha. She came in today and said OMG i'm so glad to see you today - guess what, juicy couture bathing suits are on sale TODAY!!! haahhaha, I love that girl. Coz not only is she a slave to the boots like me, she also has a memory like a steel trap. Last time I saw her - I got these boots:

Frog not a Prince

Julias Joint. This was the final order of the day - it is a raspberry lemon cake and on top they want a lily pad with a frog on it (marzipan) and on the lily bad in chocolate i'm supposed to write Happy Birthday Old Man!!! And I said old man? She said Yah, I call my dad old man. Bwaa hahahha.

The custom requests are getting weirder and weirder. Some shit I just straight decline. Lorenzo came in tonight saying he needed 100 mini cakes for his friends wedding next month. I told him no way - I can't do it, I have to be in LA for a wedding. Ha ha, his Italian ass is going over my head to talk to L----. Yah right, that won't work, I'm already scheduled off the week before thanksgiving. I don't even want to think about thanksgiving and christmas - it's going to be insane. Plus we're opening up location 2, so that's going to be bonkers. I have to hire someone soon and I don't want to. I'm pretty comfortable with these 10 hour days, drinkin' down matcha tea and riding it out. But once we have back to backs - I'll have to juggle.

Miniature cakes are also berserko.

I miss Katie and Kae. I'll make Katie an offer. I'll see if she'll do it part time, just building and stuff, between her and M------, I think the three of us could shake it. Plus, real estate class starts on Monday - it's 4 hours a night monday, wednesday and thursday - so my days are going to get longer. It's just a technicality for me to get licensed and it's just 400 dollars, but shit -- it's not the money, it's the time that I need. I'm really hesitant to hire any cordon bleu primadonnas. I'll go see chef J on tuesday - and see if she has any suggestions. I'm from cordon bleu - but i'm definitely no primadonna.

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