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Thursday, April 14, 2011


Today I was talking in the preppers chat about America being the "new poor." Someone said well we don't have it as bad as say a poor farmer in Pakistan. I had to point out the fact that at least that guy still owns his ancestral land. Very rarely do middle class people in America own the land of their great grandfathers. It is also really pathetic that people have been going without for over a decade and now it is just "how things are" and 'at least we aren't on the street begging or stealing food." But we are.

Also that is the misconception between the impoverished and the poor. Poor people in other 3rd world countries have cars, a home and some measures of comfort and they are able to buy food but not of the highest quality. They do not take vacations and we (the majority of americans) do not take vacations. When they go to the store it is a always a matter of the cans and cannots...and it used to be that when a person got paid they could take their wife to eat, buy a few things for the kids and set a little into the bank - no more.

Mind you I am not discussing my personal affairs but the affairs of the world I live in.

Where the horrible thing is this consistent and now drastic decline in our lifestyle but combine that with skyrocketing gas and food prices - it is a 3rd world situation. Quit living the lie - the government and everyone will tell you everything is fine because you "made it" you paid your bills "you have enough until next pay day...that is BULLSHIT. That means all that money you earned with hard work is no longer enough and if you were not frugal and wise the last 10 years then how you live will change substantially. I was really just trying to explain this from the point of view from someone who has been around the world more than twenty times, it is not a pretty picture to see people who think going without is NORMAL.

I have been to the 3rd world and lived there and believe me when I tell you that people acclimate to being poor so quickly and so easily they start to tell themselves that they aren't poor because they have some of the status things that people use to measure quality of life. They even start to acclimatize themselves to GENERATIONAL poverty. They start to believe that they are no longer poor because they aren't "as poor" as others. Well, that's an easy comparison when you are looking at squatters, homeless and the destitute. Poor is not the little kid you see on TV waiting for your .29 cents a day donation. Poor is now people you see everyday, at the store, at the gas pump, in your parent teacher association, maybe even the little kid next door who breathes a sigh of relief when you offer some cookies you just made. Poor is America's dirty little secret like tent cities, people living in forests and national parks instead of going to homeless shelters so they aren't documented, robbed or raped.

Anyhow, the discussion got thick but it didn't get angry. And then someone came in the chatroom who didn't know shit about shit. First of all we were talking about the general state of affairs and not our personal state of affairs and this shmarmy guy says oh well you can get money if you are creative about it just sell some herbs and shovel some manure out of horse stalls yada yada yada. Really Asshole? Coz there is just a ton of horse stables in my suburban golf community and for others right in the middle of CHICAGO. Typical. So I stopped to explain that we were discussing poor vs poverty vs impoverished and the general state of things.

And this jackwagon said this "Personally, call me what you will, but I am somewhat looking forward to it getting a whole lot worse, prices on things like land and houses come down, people panic sell things, and eventually will wake up the populous "

REALLY? I said I would not look forward to that. Look --- I am a hardass, and I have certain lines drawn in the dirt about what will and will not happen in my house when SHTF - however i do NOT wish for things to get worse because children will suffer because their parents made irresponsible and poor decisions and have no preps - and a lot of the elderly will suffer if they do not have preparations and medications. WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU LOOK FORWARD TO THAT?? Because you're such a good damn prepper that you will gleefully laugh while people go without? Arrogant Prick. I've seen a lot of so called preppers say this kind of thing - and it disgusts me down to my soul. Oh you think that you just have your shit lined up, stocked up, and fortified like fort knox and you can just watch the whole world burn down while you dicker and trade for a few things. SICK SICK SICK SICK SICK SICK.

I've noticed that the preppers who say this kind of thing are really kind of OFF in their heads. I don't want to be right, I do NOT want to have to ever use the preps we have whether it's first aid, food or firearms...I do not want people to suffer who have never suffered in their life because it WILL make them insane. I do not want to see the monstrous nature of humans under great duress and hunger because it is NOTHING to look forward to you MORONIC PRICK.

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  1. I agree! I don't want to see this terrible evil that will come to this world because of ppl that want to live how ever they want then perish in the end. We all know ppl have got to wake up now but guess what I will help who I am able to and move on cuz only a few will listen. These arrogant preppers seem to think in a blink of an eye our preps can be taken or we may have to relocate with minimal stuff . Then what??? Smh