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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Weird least for Arizona

So about a week ago it was 97 degrees. Today it was in the 50's and will supposedly drop to 34. What the heck is that? It's not even really supposed to get to the normal temps of 100 until the end of May. That is very unusual for AZ because normally we are making Easter brunch in shorts and tank top. This weather has been really conducive to me getting in some last minute seeds.

Mr. Man went to pick up 2 bags of compost about 10 minutes from here. We decided to try this guy out since we saw a big sign in front of his ranch looking property that said "We Sell Compost". Well it turns out that he only charges 3 bucks a bag and by my eyeballing technique it looks pretty close to 3 cubic feet. I woke up this morning and decided I was going to move the plants. I totally did not expect those seeds to germinate the way they did and then they grew crowded. So it is pretty now or never with the dang things. That's not based on anything scientific - I just know if they get any stronger I might manhandle them and break the roots. It pretty much took me 5+ hours - to mix the organic soil and compost, and then separate and re-pot all the little seedlings and while I was doing that I just did a single filter on the rain water to get the big stuff that came from the drain. Some of them look a bit tired. Some of them look surprisingly strong. Let's hope the combination of the compost and the overcast sky will let me have something to plant. Basically, now is the time to learn, since our food doesn't depend on it.

I even separated some of the seedlings into cups so I could give them to a couple friends to plant in their gardens. What will it hurt to encourage others to increase their gardens? I also peeked at the other seedlings the spinach decided to show up, the greenbeans are doing well, and the sweet peas are peeking through the soil. And I have one pot I completely forgot what it is. The amount of tomato and chard seedlings I have is ridiculous. I just hope they make it.

It's kind of good being OCD - at least this kind of OCD because it's productive.

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