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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The new 3rd world - it's everyday Americans

So my 2 moms and I have been going to Saver's for the last 8 years or so because we were originally buying clothes for various orphanages and poor folks in the Philippines who live in the deep country. I've always loved the thrift stores since I was 13 coz I like the concept of digging

More recently I've been buying up winter type clothes for a bugout situation in the forest and to save up for trade...since the jackets and sweaters are going for 99 cents. But only in the last couple months have I seen a line like this out the door.

You can her my godmother saying in Filipino - hey I saw that lady last week and her everyweek etc...hahahha. I'm not really tripping - just pointing it out. Being poor or thrifty doesn't seem to be so taboo anymore.

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