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Friday, April 1, 2011

Ghetto Garden Update - wk 1 April

So this is just the weekly progress report on our Ghetto Garden (trademark - afroprepper and me Saucy Chef) - I said it before and we'll say it again: "we are new at this and this is our 2nd attempt- and we are just tickled about it." Someone told us "plant your plants deeper they will get bigger." Here's why we don't do it - we live in the desert - it's hot and windy. We plant them low so the roots go OUTWARD instead of downward which gives them more strength, then as they get taller we bury them to the neck to force MORE roots which give it more stability. It's a technique we saw and a technique we chose to employ. We appreciate your input - but the Wild Wild West gardening requires a different kind of love. Truth be told I trust people who have lived here and people who have been gardening a long time - because it's tried and tested. Our plants are also 'slower' because we water from the bottom since I have this urge to constantly water them and then that makes them lodge or drown.

This weekend we will be picking up some compost (ours is far too slow) and we will be putting the plants in their final locations (2.5 gal buckets). The cucumber is looking pretty promising...and if I just end up with 2 much then so be it.

The yellow longbeans are looking pretty good - they are flat in the morning then towards noon they reach up towards the sky.

I did lose one of the green beans - it burned off somehow :(

I put a lot of chard seeds in there and all i have is ONE to show for it. i wonder if I could put more seeds in there ? The red sweetpeppers look ok

The butternut squash is growing more leaves.

You can't see it but the tobacco is starting.

This is an old cherry tomato one I started and literally last night i noticed 2 seedlings peeping out

So i checked the cantaloupe one - and you can see 3 big leaves but there are also 7 or 8 more breaking the surface. I guess we will eat a lot of cantaloupe

And still I find time to make the brownies...
I just wanted to test this blue silicon Wilton pan i got for 70cents at the thrift store.
It worked just fine.

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