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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Preppin into Overhaul...the last 2 days

So last Sunday the head of World Bank stated We (the world) are one crisis away from complete shutdown. If that wasn't enough to bunch up your undies on Monday S&P put a toe tag on the US economy by declaring it as Negative. All I've got to say is WOW. If you still don't think we're headed into an obvious depression you are really living in a dream world.

I was going to take a "break this week" and slow down a bit with the prep purchasing but I am thankful that (yet again) something spurred me into action. I was starting to feel like I'm going a bit overboard but what would it really hurt to add preps? The ghetto garden is come and go - when I think it looks good it gets fried and when I think it's dead 8 plants show up- so I'm just watering it and letting it happen. Mr. Man will be building the beds this weekend so we'll see how that goes. Mom 1 insists that I use the old kiddie pool for yams and potatoes lol - I will do it just to amuse her. There will a blog on the ghetto garden this weekend!

I decided that if I couldn't find any hard white wheat this week I would dump the budget into preps related to canning; jars, pickling salt, vinegar, pectin, extra lids and funnels. But I did find some cool stuff along the way.

Yesterday I stopped at Wally world -sugar is still holding at 13.48 for 25 lbs - so I picked up a couple of those. I picked up 1 box of pint jars and 2 boxes of quart jars. Vinegar actually went down in price about .30 cents. Miracle.

Total about $49.40

Mom 1 is pretty spooked by the hyperinflation and is consistently contributing canned meats to my preps. I feel bad but at least she gets it.

Fortunately those were only 1.79 ea. I also picked up 3 extra packs of widemouth lids (about 2.75), 1 pack of regular lids (about 2.30), 10 packets of pectin (9 bucks), 2 backup funnels (1.30 each), 1 box pickling salt (i can't believe they were out), 6 dove bars (.39 cents ea).

Total: $36.99 +tax.
I stopped by the 2nd wally world I go to today and they were completely out of wheat berries. Dang - so I picked up another 2 bags of sugar, 5 pickling sugar, 2 organic plant food (4 bucks each), 1 more case of jars (9.44). The organic miracle grow is regular 10 bucks so i got a BIT of a deal.

Total. $36.52

This is my deal of the day. I stopped by my regular little grocery store but didn't like their Wacky Wednesday produce sale - so I checked out their sale aisles in hopes of finding more of the white corn meal - they were out. But I did find these - corn meal mix 5 lbs for $1...

Haha. Imagine that.

See it's 5 lbs and there's the nutrition info.
The expiration is set for Sept 2012, but it will be bagged and tagged by then so no worries.

On the way home, I passed the dollar store and went back to pick up 4 more packs of cinnamon sticks for 3.96. that's 60 sticks.

I'm not knocking anyone who's got it (money and means) and they don't want to prep. But watch yourselves, hedge your wealth. If you haven't bought anything try to store something at least 3 months of food. If you can learn new things; gardening, canning, sun drying, first aid - learn some kind of basic skill that will serve YOU. Inflation tension is so thick in the air you could cut it with a knife.

On a more positive note: 3 days ago we had a math test and the 3 chatterbox bimbos were cheating: everyone could see it they had formulas in their phone and were copying each others answers. I told them outloud - if you must cheat at least have the courtesy to play it off since the rest of us actually studied. Today 2 test results came back - um why did those HAMHEADS get 55 and 60's bwaa hahaha. I got 2 95% results hahahha. Life is GOOD.


  1. Love your site, and Mr. Man's too. You all provide a great service, wish I was in AZ so we all could be prep-per friends not many like minded people here in GA hotlanta,, but at least we have the internet. Going to check see if afroprepper uploaded any new videos. I think you should set the example and work as a team. Be in his videos and explain how you both came to see, the way things are going. Your hubby needs some help...give it to him, be his co-star.....Most of the problems come from one person wanting to prep and the other wants the Disney, wish upon a star life of make believe. Tell us how you two do it and still get along....The world wants to know...i really think so. And the Black community needs real role models.Especially now when the support programs are going to be cut to the bone, real soon...god bless ....

    peace out.

    love ya both

  2. i may have to be a special guest on See Somethin' Say Something...thanks for the encouragement and keep prepping...

  3. the real problem I hear is that one person wants to prep and the other does not. I am happy that the two of you see eye to eye. That is such a blessing.

  4. @ anonymous 2: I see it a lot in people i know and people i know from afar - it makes it very hard to move with purpose when someone you love doesn't believe that prepping is necessary.

  5. Glad to hear your garden is holding up so far and like the kiddie pool tater idea. Ours is ok too - for now - but temps creeping into 90s again next week - ugh. Speaking of 90s .. CONGRATS and GREAT job on the tests!!! And glad those hamheads got sliced. :) Happy Easter to you, Mr Man & fam! itsa

  6. I sure am glad to see you guys working so hard on preps. I don't know if anyone has mentioned it yet but there are some excellent REUSABLE canning lids out there. They are called Tattler Lids. They will last practically forever and are a good investment. If the time comes when you can no longer find regular lids these are going to come in REAL handy!. Here's their website.
    Have a Super Day!
    Oh and congrats on your tests!!