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Saturday, April 2, 2011

FATALITIES...of the plant variety.

Well, this week the temperature jumped to 90 degrees then 98 degrees. It fried some of our seedlings in their original location. I'm very sad. I'm also very glad that I am learning right now and our lives don't depend on the food we are growing.

So the kid across sold me this 12 unit thing for like 10 bucks - a bit overpriced - but times are tough and it's metal not plastic - so i didn't mind paying the price.

We decided to move the plants onto there in a shady spot but still bright through the coaxing of one of the chat ladies - PoisonIvie. I mean she does self sustain so her advice is not bad advice

Don't worry that weird looking bucket of water is just rainwater.
Our beans and cantelope and squash are hanging on - and since the temps will drop to 80 again next week - I went ahead and just put a triple amount of seeds in the pots to try and force some growth.

I hope it works - and hopefully the doggies don't show too much interest in the plants while they are still little. but apparently from the picture below - they could care less.

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