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Friday, April 1, 2011

Open Your Effin Eyes! and my April Preps - week 1

I'm dusted and disgusted.

I spent the better part of yesterday, studying,canning and dehydrating. Mom had to have a procedure done for her dialysis because the fistula in her arm is failing and I had to monitor her because she might have to run the ER. I still have a 4.0 but Math is starting to worry me because the scores on my last tests were 90,95,90. I need to really kick it up and get a couple of hundreds to really lock my A down. Having 2 moms around is a bit of a distraction but I'm pushing myself.

First things first...last night I made beef tacos (did i mention he requests these 3x a week) and he was sitting there eating them. I almost left to take a shower until I saw the word MOBBED flash on the tv. So Mr. Man and I look at each other and agree we should watch this train wreck. So the premise of the show is that they get a MOB (200-1000) people to learn a dance routine in a matter of a few hours so some JACKASS can propose to his GF, and pretend like some girl is seeing him and throws water in his face - Dumb Dumber Dumbest. Mind you they are all dancing to some corny Pop song that I don't even remember and Howie says he wants 600 people practicing on the 6th floor to get ready for a 6 o'clock proposal. Really Howie - you little devil. Anyway, what is tripping me out is that originally 600 people came out and then later 400 more came out dancing to "everlasting love" Then Howie insisted that it not just be a proposal but also an impromptu wedding and the knucklehead agreed. So let me get this straight...The Ivory Coast is jacked up, Syria is Jacked up, Our economy just took a great big SHIT on everyone, We're messing with Libya but won't admit it, gas is going to be 5 bucks a gallon soon and our school system is Effed up - BUT 1000 people can dance in the street. Are you kidding me! Disgusting.

2nd - We were plotting our preps and had the tv on some news channel and the Walmart CEO came out and said '...serious inflation coming in the next few months..." HELLO PEOPLE. Listen, if the Wally World CEO comes out and says they are going to inflate their prices and they are known for their bottom line pricing and "rollbacks" you better listen. Life is not the same as you know it any longer and to continue on is like playing the violin while the Titanic sinks. Pay Attention! or not. I mean if you've got it "LIKE THAT" then feel free to pay an exorbitant amount for whatever - me personally I rarely pay full price for anything. Even if you just buy staples it will supplement your food costs and allow you to buy better stuff later. But that's on you. Mr. Man has been really aggravated with people lately not "listening" or not "believing" and I told him you know you've been trying with them for months, just leave them behind like dead carcasses - coz basically these are people who have been warned by multiple sources, barely make it on what they've got now, and also have small children. They will not knock on our door because they know they should have listened. If they do knock on the door - I will feed their kid and tell them to come back in 15 minutes.

Life goes on - and it is APRIL already folks.

Here's a few things I picked up at a local tool shop and the 99cent only.

I picked up these 2.5 gallon buckets with handle for a little over a dollar to transfer my plants into since living in the Phoenix Metro area is more conducive to bucket planting than anything else.

I picked up this stuff at the 99cent only 4 planter for a buck and 4 bottoms for a buck and the long stick cotton buds to add to my fist aid kit. You can see our first aid toolbox sitting right under the buckets and activated charcoal

They also had these tarps. Mind you we have good quality tarps already but I figured a few more 4x6 with grommets would never hurt - at the very least we could duct tape them together and pitch a kifaru or cover stuff up north if it ices over.

Last but not least - I got home from Math class and the kid across the street was having a garage sale - he had these shelves for 12 bucks and mom2 wanted the metal lock box - I had exactly 11 bucks in my pocket - and the shelving is metal - so it was an OK price in my opinion and I was looking for shelving for the canned stuff anyway - and now I have it. Mom 1 said I paid too much - but you know what - it makes it all right for neighbor relations.

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