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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekend Haul, April 17th 2011

This is the weekend haul in review.

I think Mom#1 has caught the prepping bug at least on some level - she was like you must get 50 cans of that salmon if it expires in 2016. I asked because it's pre nuclear? She said,"well that and that it's only going up in price and it tastes good." LoL. Needless to say she bought all the salmon and girl goods, I bought the rest. I think I scared her a bit yesterday morning when we were driving around and she said what will these people do when the depression hits. I told her they will die. She said WHAT and I said 65% of people are already dead Mom because they will not let go of their spoiled arrogant ways. She was actually scared silent for about 20 minutes.

On some random clearance aisle with a 2 year expiration - I found 5 lbs of white corn meal for $1. yes ONE DOLLAR for a 5lb bag. So I popped into the dollar store and picked up 5 more packets of ginseng.

$9.95 total

In just 2 days - the pickling salt is up 17 cents. It went from 1.19 a pkg to 1.36a pkg. Unbelievable - I don't know who the hell they think they are fooling, I may buy it but I see what they are doing. While there I also picked up 4 pkgs of jiffy pop 2 lb bags @ $1.49 a bag and a canister of lou ann's coconut oil - just in case.

$19.12 total

The salmon was $1.79. Girls Stuff $.99 after rebate. Flour was 1.50 a bag (hey it's cheap and I use that for everyday baking.) Gloves were $5 for 120 gloves after coupon. Green Beans and Sweet Corn were $.49. The ham was $1.99 after coupon (product of denmark).

$45.66 total

More of the same deal but at 2 other stores. Like I said the Mom's caught the bug and said ok one more store, one more store. Mom 1 even got herself some decaf for only 4.99 each and they also had a 2 buck rebate that we applied to the salmon.

$54.83 total

I know it all seems pricey but it isn't not for ham, salmon, coffee, girly goods, and we're looking at almost 60lbs of valuable goods.

Sometimes I wish I could just let up and relax and not have to worry about it but I KNOW that prices are headed nowhere but up. I know that we are the 3rd generations since the depression and it is our turn because nothing has changed in the government so we are doomed to suffer. I know that being in school is not conducive to having money for good eats and if i want to get good grades I need nutrition and sustenance. I know the powers that be could give half a rats ass if we live or die so I'm looking out for us the best way I can.


  1. I see Walgreens in your labels below the post, was this where you found the salmon?

  2. yes it is!!! The salmon went on sale as of today!

  3. Execpt in New Mexico! >:(
    That corn meal makes me think of 2 things: Neenaw's corn bread and Polenta :)