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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

3 day Haul, may1-3, Stayin on top of it.

Well I'm still at it...every time i want to take a break from things something new happens. It has been raining a LOT in the heartland area. Last Saturday (the 30th) floods wiped out a lot of peoples crops and over 500 chicken farms. The projected damage on the farmland could't be measured until it subsided and the damage of the chicken farms getting knocked out is up to 300% for consumers.

So my plan went out the window to relax on Sunday. The 3 moms went to church, then out to Korean/Chinese buffet with my brother and I asked them to stop at the Vietnamese grocers and pick up 20 lbs of chicken

They picked up a bit of extra - so 22 lbs. Minus the 1lb that mom put into stir fry.

21 lbs of large sliced chicken breasts makes 7 quarts plus 7 pints of canned chicken. Instead of just having plain boiled water I dissolved 2 chicken bouillon in 4 cups of water and put a tsp of red chili flakes in each jar

I just followed the instructions in the Blue Ball Canning Book or whatchamacallits. 1 hour and 15 minutes at 10lbs of pressure.

When I put the 7 pints in there was room for 1 more jar so i put in 15 pcs of beef sausage and canned that as well. I figure even if it doesn't have the perfect texture it will still be passable for biscuits and gravy.

You know it feels good to put this stuff up, it's nice to reach in your cupboard for something and your preps wave back at you. It's kind of like if I didn't go to the store for a long time I wouldn't even have to worry about it

I was out buying beans (super price this week) - and walked by the "clearance cart" they park in front of the store and noticed the little cocktail onions and dried beef. The onions will always have a purpose even if its just thrown onto something and the beef I never tried but since it is in the shape of salami It would never hurt.

This beef expires 2014. The normal store price on this is like 3-4.29 a bottle. Apparently most people use it for chipped beef on toast or with cheese and crackers. It's no big deal to me - I'll eat whatever.

Some people even save the glass container and use it as a childs cup or something....

These do not expire until 2013. The cocktail onions were 45cents, down from over 2 bucks - like I said I don't really have a purpose for them - at the very least we can make filthy martinis with them because Star is a good brand and it's just an unbelievable price.

Someone was showing me their hauls and I noticed that this lady (ckillingsworth - she's on my blogs I follow) had pest control type things and I was thinking holy crap we don't have any of that except boric acid and fly paper.

I picked up a few things just to get us started. Those black ones are like reusable rat traps that snap shut like an evil chip clip haha.

Summer sausage was 50% off doesn't expire for 2 years they just aren't stocking it anymore at my store. I noticed that a lot of places have stopped stocking stuff that doesn't sell too much so they mark it down to super clearance just to get it out of the store.

The aunties just wanted to pick up postcards down the street at walgreens and while they perused the cards I checked out the clearance aisle and found an off mosquito powerpad for only $2.50. Nice little buy there. We sometimes get mosquitos here towards the end of the summer as some of the irrigation canals dry down. But that is quite a buy - now i just have to find backup pads on clearance and we are set. It comes with one pad and candle free included lol.

2nd Best deal of the day was the triple cleaned pinto beans - 4 lbs for 96 cents. So we have 24lbs of beans for $6. You coudln't beat that price with a stick. Now I just have to bag it, o2 pack it and tag it.

Humanitarian effort 1: 12 pkgs of punch mix and a box of electrolyte packets 2 bucks to add to our friends stash.

We were also able to add 5lbs of cornmeal mix, 4 cans of sweet corn, 5 lbs of beans, 2 bottles of soy sauce, Betty crocker potatoes Au gratin and 2 bottles of iodized salt - about $9.28 for about 15 lbs of food.

We're doing all we can despite this political and financial mess the country is in. Some days it is just too much bullshit and you have to unplug or listening to them lie on the news makes you irate! And I'm angry but not that kind of angry and truth be told; the more people irritate me the harder I prep, the more people threaten me I double my preps, the more stupid people act the heavier my shopping cart gets, the more dangerous people become the fatter my first aid kit becomes. Keep on doing all that stupid shit - because pretty soon stupidity will become inexcusable.

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